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Invicta Automatic Watch Collection

Invicta automatic watches are some of the most popular automatic watches out there.  Automatic watches are simply watches that the wearer does not have to wind in order to keep the time.  They have been around since the 1700s and today most every mechanical watch you’ll find will be an automatic watch.  The Invicta automatic watch, like other automatics, are wound automatically using the natural motion of the watch wearer’s arm.


Invicta is one of the most esteemed watchmakers in its price range, and Invicta men’s watches are some of the most popular among those looking for something functional and for something stylish.  You can find Invicta watches for as cheap as $70 or $80, which makes them accessible to many.  An Invicta automatic watch is an excellent gift for a young child interested in growing up and wearing a watch.  An automatic watch is an excellent item to encourage responsibility in the young.  However, Invicta also makes many absolutely gorgeous timepieces that even the most serious of collectors would consider.  While these watches will of course cost much more than the sub-$100 watches, and can approach the thousands range, they are excellent quality and a great value for your money.


One of Invicta’s nicest automatic watches is their subaqua NOMA.  This watch will set you back about $1700, but it is an incredibly beatiful piece.  This watch features black ionic plated stainless steel and a sapphire watch face.  Any collector or watch enthusiast would be happy to add this Invicta watch to their collection.  There are many watches from the brand in this price range, and all are worthy of consideration.  While some are maybe too flashy from some watch-wearers, they do offer many more subtle watches that those looking for a more refined look will enjoy.


Invicta Pro Diver Watch Collection


Invicta men’s watches are some of the most popular watches out there today, and the Invicta Pro Diver Watch Collection is one of the most popular lines of watch produced by the company.  Invicta watches are great values for their price tags, and they are great for those looking to buy something that they are going to wear around every day or someone who is looking to add another watch to their collection.  The Pro Diver series contains a number of watches in different styles.


The Series includes timepieces featuring stainless steal, silver, and gold.  Obviously, the price range varies a great deal from watch to watch, depending on the style and materials used.  The Invicta Pro Diver Watch series starts from under $100 at the bottom end of the spectrum.  Model number 8926 is one example of a watch on the low end of the price range, but it is still a very nice watch.  This watch features an automatic movement, stainless steel band, stainless steel case, and a mineral crystal dial window with a magnifier.


Invicta has many midrange timepieces that are accessible by many.  One example is the Invicta 18k Gold Plated Grand Diver.  This watch can be found for just over $200 and is a great watch for those looking for something a little flashy.  As  you even move higher in quality, the watches can get quite pricy, exceeding $1000.   Invicta watches at the high end of this price spectrum are still great deals for the money, and are popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors.


Any Invicta Pro Diver Watch can be found at a number of retailers around the world.  Those looking to purchase a watch from the company should cantact local jewelers and watch dealers inquiring if they stock the brand.  There are also many online retailers that stock Invicta watches.  However, when buying from online retailers, it is very important to due a little research and determine the reliability and integrity of the dealer.  There are many online watch stores that are unscrupulous and sell fake replica watches, passing them off as authentic.  When buying any watch, be sure to check into the background of the company in order to protect yourself from these frauds.  Tell-tale signs of fakes are cheap looking materials, and lower than realistic prices.  “If its seems too good to be true, it probably is” is definitely an adage that one can apply to purchasing a new watch.