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Why You Should Join a Study Group!


Studying with friends can be fun, as friends are the problem solver. While reading in colleges and universities, many of us enjoy the advantage of studying together in groups. If driven in a positive direction, a study group can grow a student to constructive results.

There are certain potential pros of joining a study group, but only if it the group is worthy.

No delays in studies:

As there will be a specific time, there cannot be any procrastination in studying. Studying alone gives a choice of postponing the studies, but when you study in a group, you will have to be present at the decided time without any option of delaying. If you have a habit of delaying things, then this can be a good solution for you.

Learn Faster

While studying in groups, students learn faster than studying alone. For example, if you find any topic confusing, you can clear your doubts with the help of the group. Instead of wasting time in struggling with confusion, spend your valuable time in simply asking a solution from one of your fellow partners. Plus, whenever any of the group members faces any difficulty, you learn more clearly by clearing their doubts.

Explore new perceptions

Working alone has a biggest con of seeing the topics from only a single perspective i.e. yours. Getting to know about fresh perspectives enhances your knowledge and understanding of the subject. The more you listen to other and ask question, the more variety of viewpoints you get on the same idea. With different point of views, you will develop critical thinking skills which will add to your studies.

Learn new techniques

Apart from learning new perspectives, study groups give you ways to develop new study techniques. Every student has his/her own particular method to study. While working together, there are chances that you find ways to sharpen your mind and enhance your learning abilities. After considering the merits and demerits of observed study methods, you can incorporate them for your studies.

Kill boredom

Studying alone is boring at times. Whereas, a group study can never be monotonous as social aspects will keep finding its way into the group.

Comparative studies

Group studies offer you the option of comparing and exchanging the notes and ideas. One can fix the errors and evaluate the accuracy to make it better. While preparing notes also, you can discuss the difficulties and correct the mistakes.

Team Work Experience

Working with the peers, not only helps in building your thinking ability, but also is an excellent opportunity to polish the people skills. One has to work in organisation after studies; you will get a chance to deal with a similar environment and fix the loopholes.

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