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How To Know When You Should Call A Water Damage Restoration Company

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you need the services of a water damage restoration company. Water damage can be catastrophic to a home, and many people might not know when they require water damage repair in San Antonio and what their options are. A water damage restoration company will not only repair your home, but it will also protect the overall integrity of your home at the same time. Unfortunately, there are times when disaster strikes and your home suffers significant damage. In these cases it’s obvious that professional help is needed. However, there are other times when the damage might be hidden until it’s too late. Luckily, there are signs you can look for to know if professional services are required.



There may be signs from your walls that water damage is beginning to develop. You may notice that your walls have started to swell, which is often a sign that it is about to bubble and peel. The wall may be getting saturated with water and trying to jettison the moisture. It will start shrinking and expanding, which will also cause the paint to separate from the surface.



The floors can also show telltale signs that there is trouble brewing. Sometimes those symptoms can be mistaken for simple age, but there may be something else going on. Your floors might buckle, or boards could come loose. Linoleum can sometimes show signs on peeling or tiles could come loose. Calling a professional is a good idea to have them inspect the situation to make sure there isn’t potential water damage. If there is, then they can go about fixing it quickly.



One major sign that you may need water damage restoration is mold and mildew. On a regular basis, as much as 3 times a year, you should give a quick inspection to some of the darker and damper spots in your home. These locations are usually the breeding grounds for mold. Closets and cupboards, especially if they are next to or in the kitchen or a bathroom, are prime candidates. If you spot mold, or sense a stale odor, then it might be time to contact a professional. Mold can spread quickly, so a professional should take care of the problem before it spreads too much.



It’s also a good idea to inspect the pipes in your home for signs that water damage is possible. Check for condensation first of all. That is often the first sign of trouble. You may also spot signs of corrosion, which means that the damage has progressed quite far. Spotting these problems early will help prevent damage and make water damage restoration easier.


Crawl space

Your crawl space is a place that often has a lot of exposed pipes. Inspect this area regularly for any issues with the pipes, also to see if there is any water collecting anywhere in the space. You can also ask a restoration service to come and perform some preventative maintenance by insulating your pipes and waterproofing the crawl space.


Water damage repair in San Antonio can be a frightening and intimidating prospect. Water damage can create terrible problems that threaten the very structure of your home. If you see and of these signs and are concerned you have a problem, contact a water damage restoration specialist right away.