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Kybella Injection: Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Many adults in San Antonio nowadays are concerned with their double chin. Unfortunately, they are just as concerned with other common issues, such as wrinkles. Sometimes after weight loss, that double chin is the last pocket of fat to go. Luckily, a Kybella injection can help melt away that fat and restore your defined jawline.


Submental Fat

Fat that collects under your chin and affects the definition of your jawline is called submental fat. Some surveys have shown that as much as two-thirds of people are concerned about submental fat. It can develop from age, skin looseness, weight gain, or just genetics. It is often not very responsive to diet and exercise, no matter what the cause is. This is why people often search for alternative ways of submental fat cell removal. Kybella is one of those alternative methods.


How a Kybella Injection Works

Kybella is a newer innovation to help with submental fat cell removal. It is minimally invasive since it involves a simple injection. Kybella contains a substance called deoxycholic acid, which is a synthetic type of an acid that the body produces naturally. The synthetic version works in tandem with the natural version, which is known for breaking down fat cells. Together they can provide a double whammy to submental fat.


How Well Does It Work?

There have been several clinical trials that have shown a Kybella injection to be an effective way to remove fat. Almost 80 percent of people in these studies reported being very happy with how their chin looked after the treatment. In many of these cases, they did require multiple injections which are typically scheduled a month apart.


Who Can Get Kybella?

Pretty much anyone, man or woman, can get a Kybella injection if they are not happy with their double chin. Kybella is not appropriate, nor is it approved, for use on any other part of the body, however. If you smoke, or take drugs, then you may not be eligible either. Your cosmetic dermatologist will also take into consideration the overall quality of your skin as well. Unlike other skincare treatments, Kybella does not help with the looseness or laxity of your skin. If this is your concern, then discuss with your dermatologist to see what treatment might be appropriate for you.


How the Procedure Works

A Kybella injection procedure is performed in the doctor’s office. The procedure takes about 15 or 20 minutes. The area under the chin will be marked for each injection site. There are several injections during each session. The area is numbed with a local anesthetic so there is no pain. You can go back to your regular activities immediately, so there is also no downtime or recovery involved. You may notice some redness, swelling or bruising, but they should dissipate within a day or two.



You will not see the end results immediately. Fat cell removal takes some time, and you should start seeing changes within a couple of weeks. The body needs time to flush away the dead fat cells. As this happens, you will notice your jawline looking more defined and your double chin will shrink. Many patients need multiple treatments to achieve the full results. Kybella injection results tend to be long-lasting because the fat cells are completely eliminated. If your double chin does return, it will most likely be because of loose skin as opposed to new fat. In that case, you may need to explore surgical options to remove the excess skin.


Kybella injections may be the perfect option to treat your double chin. Contact a cosmetic dermatologist today to discuss your options.