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Are there legitimate online jobs for Americans?

You may have heard about online jobs before, but you may be wondering if there are any legitimate online jobs for Americans?

In this article you will learn:

  • What are online jobs and do they work?
  • Are there legitimate online jobs for Americans?
  • FAQs about Online Jobs


What are online jobs and do they work?

As the name suggests, online jobs are jobs that are done online. You will need a computer and access to internet. Online jobs works almost the same as traditional jobs except you don’t physically go to work, all work is done over the internet. Types of online jobs includes: customer service, marketing, sales, legal services, design, writing, translations, administrative services, website development, finances, accounting and more. Once the jobs can be done over the internet then you can work from home. You get paid by paypal, check and direct deposit to bank account.


Are there legitimate online jobs for Americans?

Although there are online job scams plastered across the internet, there are legitimate online jobs for Americans. There are numerous companies in America who has realized the benefits from hiring people to work from home and has extended their reach and employs people to work from home. These American companies hires independent contractors for a wide range of online jobs such as writers, video producers, consultants, virtual assistants, call operators, designers and more.

These American companies who hires independent contractions to work online, from home includes: Amazon, Apple, Uhaul, LionBridge, LeapForce, Hilton, Cloud 10, Alpine Access, ACD Direct, 1800 Flowers, ETS, Pierce Eislen, Sutherland and more. Please visit the websites of these companies to apply for available online jobs.


FAQs about Online Jobs

  1. Do they work?

Once you get a legitimate online job, yes it works and you get paid real money.


  1. How much do I get paid?

Different jobs pays differently, so you may get a job that pays $5 per hour, $10 per hour, $20 per hour, $50 per hour or even $100 per hour. It depends on the job. Different jobs pays different hourly rate.


  1. How many hours do I have to work for?

Usually online jobs are more flexible than traditional jobs and sometimes you have a say in how much and how little you work, but this will depend on the type of online jobs that you have.


  1. Are there any downsides to having online jobs?

There are very few downsides of online jobs.

  1. No benefits – Since you are not an employee but an independent contractor, most of the times, you get no benefits.
  2. Limited coworker interactions – Since you are working virtually, online. There is very little interaction with coworkers.


  1. How do I avoid online job scams?

Do your due diligence, call the company and ask questions to make sure they are legitimate and research online for customer reviews of the company or job.