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The Life and Good Deeds of Rosmah Mansor

The wife of the 6th prime minister of Malaysia, Datin Paduka Seri Rismah Mansor was born on 10th December 1951. She was born in Kuala Pilah at Negeri Sembilan. Her parents were both in the teaching profession. Her secondary schooling was done in one of the most prestigious boarding schools of Malaysia for the meritorious girls, and it was the Tunku Kurshiah College. Now she is married to Dato Sri Mhd Najib Bin Tun Hj Sbd Razak. She is being credited by her husband for being an excellent support in family life, as well as in his role of giving governance and leadership in the country of Malaysia. Her “Good Deeds” has also been acknowledged by her husband in his closing speech at the 67th general meeting of the UMNO held annually, at the Putra World Trade Centre.

How Rosmah diplomatically helped Malaysia

Two incidences of helping Malaysia were spoken off by President Najib Razak about his wife at general assembly speech. One instance was when Mansor showed great attempts and got successful in releasing a detained student from Egypt. The second instance was when all Malaysian students in Saudi Arabia without a visa were told to evacuate the nation during Operation Pyramid at Saudi Arabia. It was then that Mansor used her diplomacy in offering 2 jumbo jet airplanes to Saudi Arabia for bringing out the stuck in Malaysian students in the flights.

Higher Education and Career

Mansor completed her higher education at University Malaya at 1974 and the Louisiana State University at the year 1978. She then returned to the country so that she could use her knowledge in Bachelor of Sociology and Anthropology and Master of Sociology and Agriculture Extension in positive directions. It was till 1983 that she served the Agriculture bank Malaysia. After that, the Island and Peninsular Berhad appointed her as the Business development manager where she stayed on the role till 1987.

Associations and Achievements

At present day Mansor is associated with many roles and achievements. BAKTI, the Welfare Association of minister’s Wives, and Girl Guides Association of Malaysia has her as the President. Besides, she is member of:

  • Malaysian Nature Society
  • Children in hope foundation
  • Malaysia Aids Council, National Heart Institute Foundation
  • Society of the Orthopedically Handicapped Malaysia
  • The Foundation for the Development of Underprivileged Children
  • National Athletes’ Welfare Association
  • Thalasemia Association
  • Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM)

She was also host in the fashion show together with the 2014 Global summit of Women, in June of 2014, where the traditional and textiles of Malaysia were showcased. This fashion show which was held at Paris was realized by Mansor as the opportunity which Malaysian heritage and styles got to seize the attention of French fashion labels and houses.

Establishment of PERMATA Child Care centres and Programmes

With her view and understanding that the children in the country are the actual resource for human capital development, she has established the PERMATA programmes. The initiative is to take care of children in their early growing years and the Permata Negara centres or Child care centres are specialized to take care of children below the age of 5 years. Till date more than 650 centres have been established across Malaysia.

An extension of the same program for the higher intellect children, to challenge their potential to the highest, while providing them the healthiest learning and developing environment, has been crafted and named the PERMATA Pintar. There are 2 levels of the program- the annual school 9-15 age camp which is for the gifted students and the 16-17 age group program for the National University of Malaysia students.

Another form of the Permata program is the PERMATA Seni which is for the improvement of extracurricular activities in children like music, dance and choir.

The PERMATA Insan is another level of the program aimed at giving the gifted children an early exposure to the as-Sunnah and a-Quran for grabbing the Islamic faith with a better understanding.

For youth who are at risk, the Perkasa Remaja program has been launched with the community and camp regulated programs, and the emphasis of the program is to bring back the risked youth into the mainstream development path. Another program the Permata Kurnia is aimed at empowering 2 projects. One is the help of the autistic children, and another is the development of the children hospitals.

Women Empowerment Programs by Rosmah Mansor

Issues relate to women is also one of the lookouts of Rosmah Mansor. Because of her enthusiasm in the segment she has been invited both internationally and nationally to various seminars and conferences about women empowerment, development and advancement, where she took part and gave speeches. Developing the economic and sociologic status of women and protecting their rights in gender equality are the various issues where she gave her valuable opinion, speeches and participated in related programs worldwide.

Rewards and Recognitions

Rosmah Mansor was recognized and awarded for her various social and national empowerment and development works. The states of Kedah, Pahang, Kelantan, Melaka, Salangor, Sarawak, Sabah, and Negeri Sembilan gave her various prestigious awards. Besides her other special awards are as follows:

  • Honorary Doctorate by University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in Early Childhood Education
  • Honorary Doctorate by university technology MARA Malaysia in Education
  • Social Responsibility Award from City of Ankara, Turkey
  • Honorary Doctorate by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Innovation in Human Capacity Development
  • Honorary Doctorate by International Information Technology University, Kazakhstan in Professorship
  • Honorary Doctorate by Curtin University, Australia in Letters

Besides there are many more special titles, rewards, recognition and awards which Mansor received from National and International organizations, associations and Universities.

  • On 17th April 2010, she was awarded the Peace and Harmony awards at United States by the Business Council for International Understanding. Lawrence Eagleburner, the former US Secretary handed her the award at the function held at St. Regis Hotel.
  • The Steven’s Institute of Technology awarded her the Distinguished Service Medal on 2nd March 2012 in New Jersey for her special work, in the areas of women empowerment and gender equality enforcement, with the introduction and empowerment of early childhood education in Malaysia. The award was handed over by the president of the institute Dr. Nariman Farvardin.
  • She was offered the honorary life membership at the Women’s Institute of Management.
  • The Centre of Economic and leadership development awarded her the Global Inspirational leadership award on December 2013, for her special role, commitment and initiatives in women and child development, at the Africa- Middle East- Asia Amazons Awards Gala, Dubai, UAE.