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Matt Smith Epic Soccer Training Guide

Soccer training is one of the most essential elements of the game and can separate a weak soccer player from a strong one. You must be able to comfortably control the soccer ball to maneuver down the field and around opponents.

Good soccer players utilize their entire body effectively to dribble the ball and get around opponents and to the net.
Ball control is a crucial part of soccer and must be mastered if you want to be a threat on the field.

One of the most common errors beginners make is looking down at their feet while they dribble. You must be able to control the ball effectively with your feet while you look ahead of you for oncoming opponents or you run the risk of getting the ball stripped from you easily or crashing into other players and causing injuries.

The majority of soccer dribbling is done on the insides of your feet to propel the ball forward without kicking it away.
With enough practice, dribbling with your head up and keeping tight control of the soccer ball will become second nature and your speed and mobility will increase. A fast, effective dribbler will be able to maneuver around the opposition with ease and score goals more frequently.

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