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Matthew C. Martino displays wealth on Instagram

He is one of UK’s elite high society bachelor, so don’t be surprised that since Film producer and Philanthropist Matthew C. Martino joined photo-sharing site Instagram we have seen a display of his reported $200k net worth. The Zimbabwean born star born as Mathetes Chihwai seems unstoppable at 22 and despite claiming he will never write again nor act in a film sources close to Martino have said ‘he doesn’t have to do anything’

Martino who rose to the public eye with his pilots manual Lets Fly is also known for various film production credits he holds including Night Bus and Oliver Rocket. He also holds his ground in the business field with aviation consultancy firm Lets Fly Academy and App acquisitions firm MMD-Tech. He has recently been working on humanitarian projects as well as founding international charity MMBF Trust (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) to which he is also the benefactor of.

The 22year old joined Instagram in July 2014 during a dramatic visit to the US, his first official work visit there which saw him receive an escort from the NYPD as well a close run in with the border officials. Since joining the site the highly private lifestyle of Martino has been revealed as he turned down an opportunity to join the political ranks in 2014 due to fears his highly secretive life would be revealed to the public.