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Mealz is a new healthy cooking platform that launched in October last year. It features recipes from talented foodies making healthy eating options more accessible to people who aim to live a long, healthy and delicious life. Mealz is a place to discover wonderful recipes from all your favourite authors.

Apart from being a website to discover recipes, Mealz makes it easy to add your own recipes, save them to your own virtual cookbook and share with your followers, friends and family through a professionally crafted recipe platform. Users can plan meals in a personalised calendar, create weekly diet plans in ‘My Planner’ and compile a shopping list. Mealz is fun to use and the content looks beautiful!


“I find Mealz an absolutely invaluable resource, I can upload all the clean recipes I share with my audience to their platform increasing my reach and exposure. So, if you are a newbie to the blogging world like me, I really would recommend it! It is also a fantastic place to find like-minded people, whether they be bloggers, nutritionists or just a passionate foodie, everyone on Mealz has common interests: food and living a healthy lifestyle” says Healthy Jon – one of the loyal authors on Mealz.

Recently Mealz have also introduced a function that allows you to create and sell meal plans. If you are a professional nutritionist this is a fantastic opportunity for you! To find out more, visit https://mealz.com/