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Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

My good and bad experience with medcial breakthrough massage chairs. I have a son who is quadriplegic. For most of his life, he has been in a lot of pain. We tried everything to help him out, but nothing seemed to get the job done.

Finally we talked to our doctor, and he recommended that we call Medical Breakthrough and ask about their massage chairs. Thank God we did because it has been a lifesaver.

From the moment that we called, the salesman was not concerned about money. He really wanted to help our son after we told his story. At any point he could have just sold us the most expensive chair they have, and we would have paid for it, but that is not what he did. Instead, he made sure that the chair we bought would be the right chair for our son. We ended up buying the Medical breakthrough 5 because it is the lightest, and it fits our son much better than the larger and more expensive chairs. We have had the chair for six months now, and our son is in so much less pain. Its amazing. He is calmer and happier too.

After about a month, the arm of the chair started to mess up, and I called them up very angry because I thought they sent me a broken chair. But their customer service identified the problem and solved it right away. It turns out I installed part of the arm incorrectly. But the whole experience was pleasant, fast, and painless. You really don’t see great customer service like that nowadays.

– Kathy – Orlando, Florida