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Mobile Application Development in 2016

Enterprise mobility may be the most recent trend in the industry world due to great challenges and impending needs from the wise generation. Going mobile is a vital aspect nowadays since it represents the prospects of the business, regardless of how small or big it’s. With gamut of benefits and looking a goal to help make the backbone of the enterprise, mobile phone applications development is really a buzzword in each and every mind.

To combat the present market demand, mobile application designers are searching for the following big factor to create more agility and versatility within the development process. You may already know, 2016 is in order to hit our calendars to thrive more excitement and curiosity. Everybody is searching for that latest mobility trends that empower the development of businesses. Possess a sneak look with a revolutionary trends-

Winning of Android over iOS- The mobile market has turned into a hot spot for Android apps, which is ruling completely. On the other hand, iOS apps development is shining lower just a little. As reported by the study revealed by IDC, Android share of the market in 2013 was 78%, which increases to 80.2% in 2015. With no iota of doubt, it’ll remain a dominant player in 2016 also.

Hooking up to Internet of products- Because It emergence persuade the remarkable growth and development of the web of products, the mobility field is becoming a lot more lucrative for that designers. The entire year of 2014 has addressed the captivating method of interact with the web of products produced by tech titans like Google and Samsung. For e.g. the current discharge of smoke detector application from Bing is controlled by smartphone application. A washer from Samsung is controlled by Wireless. The idea of hooking up objects with mobile phone applications will garner a lot more recognition and acceptance within the approaching year. It will likely be time of wearable devices along with other tech based items.

Going Cloud- The cloud is creating buzz throughout due to its ingenious features. Furthermore, it’ll remain dominant player on the market. You may enjoy the advantages of traditional desktop and web application around the cloud platform since it is a hybrid of both. It enables customers to gain access to any file on the run. To place it in simple straightforward words, customers can share, upload, and connect to the data anytime, anywhere. In next season, mobile application is going to be written around the cloud, and also the company will offer you cloud computing services for hosting these forthcoming apps.

Parallax Scrolling- to boost UX- To enliven the depth and movement of images, parallax scrolling has become a wow element in mobile database integration. It increases the looks and overall consumer experience from the application. With this particular tool, you may create dynamic and interactive UX and put the information to show on one page.
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