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Moving? Why you should protect where you sleep with a mattress box

When moving or storing your possessions, there are so many things on your mind. From the excitement of a new place to the chaos of packing, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is how to protect something like your mattress.

Most people give a lot of consideration to protecting valuable furniture and fragile items like glasses, but what they often overlook is guarding their mattresses. Your mattress, after all, is where you lay your head each night, and was probably not cheap. Luckily, a mattress box and moving blankets can easily protect your mattress from damage when moving or storing.

The benefits of using a mattress box

Shield it from dirt and moisture

Whether moving or storing them, mattresses are prone to soaking up moisture like a sponge. A rainy day, unexpected leaks in the moving truck, or the movers accidently setting the mattress down in a puddle of liquid sound like innocent circumstances. The truth is that mattresses take a very long time to dry, are difficult to clean, and moisture can create the prime environment for allergens like mold.

Guard it from insects and mold

Mattresses in storage are an ideal habitat for all kinds of creatures. The dark, often damp, and potentially warm conditions are prime attractions for these pests to move in and wreak havoc on your things. Mattresses especially, with their soft exterior and spacious interior, are easily occupied and damaged by fabric-eating bugs and unwanted mold. A mattress box can seal your bed off from these pests that are nearly impossible to eradicate and can ruin a perfectly good mattress.

Protect it from puncturing

When setting up your bed in a new house, the last thing you’d want to see is a puncture in your mattress. When moving, a simple mattress box, in combination with moving blankets, can help protect your bed from the corners of other furniture and the sharp edges of the moving truck.

By now, it should be clear that whether you’re moving or storing your bed, a mattress box can keep it safe. Now that you see the value in them, read on to discover where to purchase your own mattress box.

Where to find a mattress box

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