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Not to Miss in Singapore

Singapore lies South-East of Asia, in the tip from the Malay Peninsula. It’s a beautiful city that’s also referred to as your garden City, the Lion City, and also the Red Us dot. Using its Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade, and also the Merlion, Singapore is renowned for its world-famous attractions. The towering skyscrapers result in the city probably the most popular destinations for vacationers. Here are a few Singapore travel tips which will allow you to definitely tour round the city.

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

Don’t miss visiting Universal Studios, that is a amusement park inside the Sentosa Island. A few of the activities to savor listed here are 24 rides, attractions, and shows in seven zones. While you Ride the films on roller coasters, you’re going to get a sense of a fantastic world.

The field of entertainment brings the big screen to existence, assisting you immerse yourself in seven zones including Hollywood, New You are able to, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far A Long Way Away and Sci-Fi City. Universal Studios is popular for that 4D Shrek fairy-tale from the Duloc and it is quipster dwellers. Within the movie and movie studios, you’ll enjoy blockbuster films like DreamWorks, Giant Journey, Battlestar Galactica, and Tweaker Bell.

Past the movies, you’ll have an chance to savor the astounding fireworks displays throughout the holidays as well as on weekends, street entertainment in addition to shows from award-winning performers.

  1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is extremely common as a tourist destination. It receives over twenty million visitors each year. You’ll enjoy walking across the 1.5 mile-lengthy sheltered beach, playing some golf in the course, going to the Merlion, the Resorts, and also the amusement park.

Sentosa is really a word that means peace and tranquility, what you are certain to get while visiting here. If you’re searching for any thrilling adventure or perhaps a slow paced life, Sentosa is the site to visit. During Sentosa you can go to the next attractions for more adventure:

Skyline Luge Sentosa

It’s a fun-filled adventure activity appropriate for riders of every age group and experience levels which makes it ideal for the whole family. (A luge is really a light toboggan for a couple of people, ridden inside a sitting or supine position which is a distinctive wheeled-gravity ride that provides riders full control of their descent purposely-built tracks.) The Skyline Luge offers an outside experience around the Dragon and Jungle trails throughout the day and also at night. From various points additionally, you will benefit from the spectacular look at the Singapore shoreline and Sentosa Island.

Singapore Merlion

Singapore Merlion may be the legendary Merlion that is frequently used denoting Singapore. It’s a mythical creature that’s half fish, and half lion. It’s symbolic anyway to Singaporeans and it is accustomed to represent the town and her individuals teams, branding tourism, and advertising.

Sentosa Express

Have a ride around the monorail line that connects Sentosa Island towards the Sentosa Landmass. It can make stops in the Sentosa Station, Waterfront Station, Imbia Station, Beach Station, and Imbiah station. The Waterfront station is how Universal Studios and Resorts World Sentosa can be found. By the pool station, you may enjoy 2012 countdown beach party. The Shore Station hosts the Siloso, Palawan, and Tanjong beaches, well suited for family leisure activities.

  1. Singapore Flyer

Towering at 165 meters, the flyer may be the largest Giant Observation Wheel on the planet. It’ll give you recollections that you simply never wish to forget. The Singapore Flyer was created by Singapore DP Architects and Dr Kisho Kurokawa. It had been launched in 2008, also it provides a sensational view that captures the Marina Bay skyline. In the flyer, you are able to catch a peek at the neighboring countries of Indonesia and Malaysia.

  1. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

You haven’t had a journey in Singapore til you have dined, taken photos, and shopped in the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. It’s a world-class cityscape, with a few architectural wonders. The colourful, colorful gardens through the bay are sceneries you can’t manage to miss. Consider the next:

Observation deck

In the observation deck, you’ll have a bird’s eye look at the busy shipping lanes that talk about the wealthy multicultural good reputation for Singapore.


The infinity pool enables you to believe that you’re floating on the top from the world’s largest rooftop. The swimming pool gazes lower around the glittering skyline, and when you miss going for a photo here, you’ll have missed probably the most spectacular photo-taking session within the entire Singapore.

Spectra - Light and Water Show

A totally free-to-public reveal that displays the results water and lightweight crisscrossing each other peoples pathways. It’s presented in the Event Plaza across the promenade, so that as this spectacular show begins, some beautiful symphonic music provides you with a hot embrace. The 15-minute mixture of water, light, fountain jets, visual projectors and music is one thing you don’t want to overlook.


If you’re a casino lover, while still in the Marina Bay Sands, make certain you go to the most outstanding entertainment joint located in the centre from the CBD of Singapore. Like a tourist you are able to enter free of charge by showing your passport (Singapore residents have to pay $100 Singapore to go in!). You’ll be awed through the over 600 gambling tables and treated to free drinks.

  1. Merlion Park

The nation’s icon for Singapore may be the Merlion, (mythical half-fish, half-lion) situated in the waterfront in Merlion Park. It’s a indication of the standard beginnings once the city only agreed to be an angling village referred to as Temasek, or ocean town. The mind represents the city’s original name, Singapura or Lion City. The statue is roughly 9 meters and weighs over 70 tons. It is advisable-see for visitors, and it is current location is while watching Fullerton Hotel (five star Hotel converted in the Singapore General Publish Business building) after its moving during the making of the Esplanade Bridge that blocked its view in 1997.

  1. Esplanade

The Esplanade is really a waterfront location north from the supply of the Singapore River. The scenic Esplanade has an array of activities which will help you stay occupied, especially if you’re not in a rush to depart for home. It’s infected by palpable creative art displays close to the entrance. World-class performances are staged here every single day.

The shows bring different cultures together, cutting across various genres. Catch a concert by great westerners such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or Kuo Pao Kun from the Singapore Chinese theatre. Every now and then, you’ll enjoy free programs from dance to theatre, all happening in the Esplanade.

People to the website will also be attracted through the scenic outside view. It overlooks the Singapore River and stands between your Merlion Park and also the Singapore Flyer. Here stands the Esplanade theatre that’s 60,000 square meters big, where performing arts are held. The concert hall seats 1,600 and also the theatre includes a capacity of two,000.

The style of your building consists of two rounded space frames which have triangulated glass elements suited to balance outwards views. The outward appearance from the building appears like a durian mind. Other facilities on offer are : recital studio and also the theatre studio.

  1. Chinatown

Squeeze a while directly into visit Chinatown in Singapore and like the colorful Peranakan shop-houses and numerous historic attractions which make to have an excellent stroll. Chinatown is split into four primary sections referred to as districts that are Tanjong Pagar, Telk Ayer, Kreta, and Bukit Pasoh. The main centers of activities are Pagoda Street and Cruz Street. Paroda Street could be utilized with the China MRT Station.

If you are looking at researching Buddhism, go to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It’s the greatest Buddhist temple in Singapore, found in the Chinatown district. It had been built-in 2007, and also the interiors highly exhibit a brief history of Buddhism and it is culture in the last a century. The temple took its name in the canine tooth from the Maitreya Buddha, that was retrieved throughout his funeral in Kushinagar in India.

  1. Little India

Little India is in the middle of Singapore, near Chinatown. It’s immersed inside a buzzing neighborhood that’s bent on awakening all of your senses. The multicolored shop-houses, the pungent food aromas that rent the environment when interest in meals are at its peak, the spiritual chants in the mosques and temples, and also the smiles are what result in the town lively and warm. It is advisable-visit type of city.

Serangoon road is how the review of all adventure is, just around the northeast side from the Financial District. Little India has got the best hotels in the cheapest rates, the best place to eat, and also the least expensive shops by which to buy souvenirs. Other must-visit locations are:

Tekka Center

A landmark in Chinatown noted for serving large servings of fresh Indian food. It’s found on Serangoon road, a significant road stretching from Little India to Kallang.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

It is among the earliest temples, and it is the main focus of early Indian Social Cultural activities. It’s also located along Serangoon Road. It’s focused on Kali, the Hindu goddess.

Campbell Lane

It’s in the finish of Serangoon Road and it is mostly utilized by pedestrians. The spillover of sounds and sights turn it into a challenge to stay focused on the highway. Benefit from the souvenir shops, worship structures such as the Sri Krishna temples, and fascinating eateries only at that lane discussion no vehicle disturbance.

  1. Clarke Quay

The number of excellent restaurants in Clarke Quay and also the surrounding Riverside area are a great option for dining through the fringe of the waters whenever during the day. Once completed with your scrumptious meal, you are able to cruise the Singapore River, especially during the night, for additional splendor.

Old colonial shop-houses and moored junks of Clarke Quay happen to be superbly changed into restaurants, chic pubs, and nightclubs. Slightly west of Clarke Quay is Robertson Quay, that has a lot of same features as Clarke Quay, but is much more tranquil and relaxed. If you’re able to get where you’re going towards the mouth from the river, you’ll find enjoy the monuments and architecture of colonial Singapore. Make sure to go to the Singapore River, Trace Club, Zouk, and also the beautiful luxury Singapore hotels.

The road performance in the Singapore River makes Clarke Quay a dining and party destination that hosts most of the nightlife institutions which are greatly preferred among the locals. The G-Max Reverse Bungee is really a begin overturn direction soaring in to the city’s skyline which will give you a fantastic urge for additional adventure.


LEGOLAND is situated in Malaysia, which isn’t far from Singapore. It’s about 50 minutes’ drive from Singapore, with the Second Lin Expressway. However, on the normal morning it will require about 1 1 / 2 hrs by road. Your adventure starts right in the entrance where there’s a large shop that provides an excellent choice of Emblem toy products. It’s called the land of chance and miniland.

You’ll be surprised to understand that LEGOLAND was built only using $ 30 million Lego bricks, as large as it’s. The park has five amusement parks that’ll be of great interest for you namely Puteri Harbor, The Start, Lego technic, Land of chance, and Lego Nonjago World. Make sure to go to the Lego Waterpark where one can ride the surf, climb and slide lower your body slides, and also have some flapping wet fun with the family.

If you’d like to increase your stay, remember that exist accommodation in the LEGOLAND Malaysian hotel, located close to the park. Make sure to carry your passport and Immigration officials will set an entry stamp, referred to as a social visit pass (visa), inside your passport authorizing a stay as high as 3 months. (No visa is needed for many nationalities including Americans visiting Malaysia for social, business or academic purposes.) Lego land is the same as Disneyland within the U . s . States. It’s the first LEGOLAND in Asia and also the sixth on the planet.

  1. Night Safari – Wildlife Reserves Singapore

For enthusiasts of wildlife, Nigh Safari Wildlife Reserves is essential-visit while on a holiday to Singapore. The website strives to inspire individuals to conserve bio-diversity and wildlife. An outing during the night Safari will require about 40 minutes, with visitors being taken through seven geographical regions that spread with the Himalayan foothills towards the south East jungles of Asia. It hosts nocturnal creatures, helping you to obtain a much deeper knowledge of the habitats of those nocturnal creatures, plus an appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Another special attraction may be the tribal fire reveal that is about an incredible dance by acrobatics. Important more interesting is when they alter fire within their performances.

  1. Singapore Cuisine

Food in Singapore is marked with many different controversies and contradictions. Food originates from everywhere, but additionally in another sense, from nowhere. The neighborhood cuisine is determined by how it’s put together into something unique.

Bak Kuh Teh

Its origin originates from Southern China, and also the fish mind curry from India, but it’s a regular food in Singapore. It’s a simple dish which contains a number of mild herbs.

Wanton Mee

A noodle dish affected by Hong Kong cuisine, but that has become entrenched within the Singaporean culture with time. It’s eaten dry in Singapore, with slices of pork char siew and wanton dumplings and a few soup being an accompaniment. You could have it spicy or else. The spicy type has chili included, as the non-spicy version is combined with tomato sauce.

Fried Carrot Cake

Doesn’t suggest a western dessert, but not even close to it. The Singaporean version is made from eggs, white-colored radish flour cake, and preserved radish (Chai poh) that provides its dish name. The dish is really a favorite in Malaysia too, but variations range from the black version that has sweet sauce (molasses) added. The sliced up version has individual radish cake cubes. The crispy version includes a cake fried on the top of the beaten egg to produce chunks of cake along with a crust.

Laksa is really a Dish

Produced from the merging of Malay and Chinese cuisine, also referred to as Peranakan culture. It’s available in two forms – Curry and Asam Laksa. The curry type is much more dominant in Singapore, while Asam (sour) is famous Malaysia. The curry laksa is made of coconut milk, vermicelli, tau pok, shrimp, fish slices, and cockles.

Hainenese Chicken Grain

It’s called the nation’s dish in Singapore, but has its own origin in Hainan, China. Your food is better produced from kampong (village) chicken, which essentially describes chicken raised the standard way without hormones, etc. instead of bigger western chicken.

Kaya Toast

It’s a snack prepared from coconut jam (Kaya), coconut milk, sugar topping, eggs, butter, and pandan. Kaya is offered on toast in the morning but can also be extremely popular like a coffee or tea accompaniment in lots of homes and occasional houses.

Red Bean Ice

Describes a glass or two taken as dessert during summer time. The components include light rock sugar syrup, adzuki beans, evaporated milk, that is then capped with frozen treats to help make the red bean frozen treats dessert.

Fried Durian

Durian is really a strongly flavored fruit that’s best fried to get rid of the strong odor. It’s folded in grain paper then dipped into batter and fried at high temperatures allow it a really flavor.

Try these cuisines out and find out the way the people of Singapore can convert simple ingredients into scrumptious meals. With this particular Singapore travel guide, there’s pointless why you need to not visit this outstanding city/country and revel in a lot of its highlighted features.

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