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Nutritional Counseling 101: What Is It?

Everyone loves food. It’s a fact. Eating is one of the basic functions for human survival, and it can also be delicious, too! The problem is, sometimes the best-tasting food is also what is detrimental to our health. The correlation between food and health is very strong, but it can be difficult to know what’s helping and what’s hurting you. Luckily, nutritional counseling can help get you on the right path. Using a certified nutritionist in San Antonio is a great way to get the most out of your health, diet, and weight loss strategies. But what exactly is nutritional counseling? Here’s a breakdown for you:

What is a Nutritionist?

Sometimes, navigating the science and theory behind how nutrition can affect health can be difficult and frustrating. A nutritionist provides education and support to those who are seeking to change their lifestyle as it relates to food. They have information and training related to a variety of health issues and afflictions, such as diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, and weight loss. Many of the issues and symptoms related to these diseases are related to food, and nutritional counseling will help a patient choose the right foods for their situation. Physicians will often refer patients to nutritional counseling so they can work on a nutritional plan that is specialized for the health issue, and for the patient as well.

How do They Help?

A nutritionist can provide a plan that is specifically for the patient. They know that while something might work for one person, that doesn’t mean it will work for another. They will asses a patient’s health history, budget, lifestyle, and a whole host of other factors to create a plan that works best for that individual. Then, they can guide a patient through the difficult times of sticking to the plan and tweaking it as needed. Nutritional science can be dense and confusing, so a nutritionist can help make things clear and understandable.

What Kind of Strategies Do They Use?

Nutritional Counseling isn’t about choosing a cookie-cutter strategy and applying it to the patient. It’s about assessing the patient and coming up with a customized nutrition plan that works specifically for them. A good nutrition counselor is like a coach. They encourage and guide, but are open to new ideas and strategies to achieve success. Sometimes widely-used practices, such as eating journals and calorie counting, don’t work for some people, whether it be because of personality or lifestyle. A nutritionist is able to provide alternatives to make sure the patient has all the tools needed to succeed.

What Does the Client Do?

If the nutritionist is the coach, then the client is the player. They need to take everything they’ve learned and been provided during nutritional counseling and apply it to their lives. Since the coach won’t be with them twenty-four hours a day, a client must be committed and consistent in doing the things that will help them reach whatever their goals may be. Nutritional counseling is a team effort, and success can only be achieved if both sides are doing their part.

If you live in San Antonio, nutrition counseling may be just what you need to get healthy. If you’re having trouble reaching your weight-loss goals, or you need to eat a specific diet for health reasons, then consider asking a nutritionist for help.