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Old School Celebrities

We often consider stars as coddled, pampered brats us bewilder and infuriates. Surely many came from poor foundations, acquired their abilities and basically got their “break” by being in the correct spot in the correct time. And maybe compensating for that period of stuff lacking pursued an over the top lifestyles and the went all out and bought those luxury cars, designer clothes, humungous mansions.

On the other hand a generation heading towards speedy extinction -a distinct strain of stars due to the trials and tribulations the lasted, who really had extraordinary lives, much greater than stars now. They were part of the Greatest Generation who really fought in Korea and the second world war. After their military service they entered the artwork due to their love for it.

Personal trainers did not exist and neither did nourishment systems that are customized. Instead these men worked on the docks, on the farm, in the steel mills, and in the factories so they were healthy, athletic and road tough. The natural foods came directly from the farm bereft of steroids, antibiotics and other compounds. This meant the tough guys in the pictures, on the silver screen as well as on the battle field.

And there were others who you connect with erudite documentaries or goofy comedies and would have expected to see fight everywhere.

Few of them used their military encounters to boost their persona to the general public or talked about. Few of them believed that they had a responsibility so that they carried through it and eagerly offered.

Each time I see one of these old black & white war movies I keep in mind that a lot experienced the horrors of war and of the stars and supporting cast really saw fight. We’ve our own challenges now but not quite as hard as what the went through. Check out The Shade Files.