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How A Permanent Placement Agency Works, And How They Can Get You Hired

Many people hit a time in their lives when they find themselves unemployed and having trouble finding work. Or, perhaps they’re looking for a new job or career, and don’t have the time to spend looking for that new opportunity. Using a permanent placement agency can be a huge help in any situation for someone looking for work. Understandably, before using staffing employment agencies in San Antonio, many people have questions about how exactly an agency can help. Do they really provide that much of a service? Are the opportunities they provide all that great? Here’s a quick guide to how a permanent placement agency can help you find that perfect temp to hire staffing job.


What Do Employment Agencies Do?

An employment agency can do any number of things, and not all are the same. There are some that specialize in temp to hire staffing, and some that only work on temporary, short-term employment. Plus, some employment agencies have a broad range of sectors with which they work, while others specialize in a certain industry. A permanent placement agency is concerned with finding its candidates permanent, full-time jobs. Usually this takes the form of temp-to-hire staffing, where a candidate is placed at an employer and works with the intention of being hired on full-time.


How Do They Work?

At the most basic, an employment agency fills the gap between someone looking for work and an employer looking to hire. They save the employer the time and energy of looking for and recruiting qualified candidates. They help candidates by working with them at finding opportunities, and providing them the skills they need to effectively find the work they’re looking for. They work with employers to understand their needs and desires for a candidate, and they work with candidates to get a grasp on their skills and personality to find a match with an employer. They have a vested interest in finding the right candidate for any job, and the right job for their candidates.


What Can They Do To Get You Hired?

Employment agencies go beyond the job boards to find the perfect fits for their candidates. That means building up a network of employers that they know intimately, and having contacts in the job market to help find opportunities. They will not only find those positions, but also work with you to fine-tune not just your job skills, but also your skills in networking, interviewing, and resume building. They receive their pay from employers, who provide a premium to them for finding candidates, which means it’s in the best interest of an agency to find a good match. It also means that the services are free for candidates, so there’s really nothing to lose.


What If They Don’t Have A Position For Me?

There may be a time when there simply isn’t an appropriate opportunity available for you, or an employer decides to hire someone else. In these cases, the agency will continue to search for you, and work with you to find you what you’re looking for. Working with an employment agency is an ongoing partnership with the goal of finding you the right spot for your skill and experience.


If you’re in the position of looking for work but you’re not sure where to start your search, or if your search has so far proved unsuccessful, then working with an agency might be the right choice for you. Hopefully this guide has given you a better understanding of how they can help.