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Photo Printing at Prism Photo

In the Los Angeles area there is no better place to go when you need photo printing than Prism Photo.  We can print your cherished personal photos or photo materials you are using for your business.  Every customer’s job is important to us.  We give every order our personal attention.  Prism Photo provides the finest quality photo printing while keeping prices low and service fast.  Your prints will be available when needed.  You pick up the finished prints without risking loss in the mail from an online photo printing service.


In this age of digital photos many people forgo printing their photos, choosing instead to send the photo file to their friends attached to an email.  But there are times when a printed photo is the best gift you can possibly give.  Mother’s Day will soon be here, a great time to give your Mother personalized, framed prints of the best pictures of her grandchildren, your family, or an unforgettable event like a graduation or wedding.   A landscape photo of a favorite spot is another idea.  Browse through your digital photos from the past year or so and pick out a few that you like.  Copy the files to a jump drive and head to Prism Photo.  Our staff will gladly work with you to create what you have in mind for a gift.


One of the favorite options is to print on canvas.  It turns photos into something that can look like a fine painting.  We can provide expert photo retouching and color adjusting when needed.  A slightly blurry picture can be sharpened up and red eye can be removed.  A collage can be created with multiple photos or a single photo can be split into multiple side-by-side panels.  Your photo printing project will get our personal attention.  Once printed, the canvas will be mounted onto a wood frame.  Many times a canvas print will not need a traditional frame as the wooden frame is enough to hang the picture.


Other options include glossy paper enlargements.  At Prism Photo you can see the different paper options to pick out what you prefer.  Sometimes, especially if photos are going to be touched often, matte finish paper is preferred as it will tend to show finger prints less than glossy paper.


Other fun options to consider are a favorite picture on a mug, or how about a set of 6 mugs with different pictures on each.  Puzzles can be made from pictures of each grandchild.  Pictures can also be printed on tote bags or t-shirts.  If your gift recipient is an avid computer user they may enjoy having a beloved picture on a mouse pad.  All of these fun ideas are not only for business advertising.  Let your imagination run as you consider what you want to do.  We can make it happen, all you need to provide are the digital picture files.


Make your memories last a lifetime this Mother’s Day with photo printing from Prism Photo.  Everyone will be happy.