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Physical Therapy for Dogs

Alvin’s ACL tear happened last fall. About a minute he was fine the following he was hopping on 3 legs. Looking back, the tear was any sort of accident waiting to occur. Jumping from furniture and running at high-speed on slippery wood flooring led considerably to his injuries.


The first treatment the vet suggested was water therapy. We’re able to exercise him inside a pool or subscribe to sessions in the vet hospital. Because we don’t have any pool access and Alvin hates the sea, we chosen second alternative.

We’ve got towards the vet hospital for his first session past too far to benefit from water therapy. Based on the hospital vet, had completely severed his ACL within the week between your initial vet visit and also the hospital visit. Surgery was your best option at this time.

Observe that dogs have 2 ligaments holding the lower and upper leg bones together. Humans have 4 ligaments carrying out exactly the same function. Whenever a dog severs among the two ligaments, he’s unlikely just to walk normally again without surgery.


After Alvin’s surgery, i was re-habbing his knee in your own home using exercises provided by his vet. The house rehab unsuccessful. Four days publish-surgery he was walking 50 % of time and hopping or limping the relaxation of times.

It requires several several weeks for any dog to totally get over ACL surgery, but we understood he needed more help than we’re able to provide. His vet suggested water therapy again.

Physical Rehabilitation for Alvin

We registered Alvin for 10 sessions, two times each week for five days. A healthcare facility vet re-examined him and made the decision he’d learned to deal with the injuries by developing the hopping habit.

Each session comprised of warm-up exercises with short hurdles, exercise balls, and walking uneven surfaces. He then stayed water tank having a treadmill.

The purpose of water therapy is it exercises the hurt leg with less anxiety than “land” exercises. The dog’s legs they are under water. Because the sessions advanced, Alvin labored as much as greater than twenty minutes within the water tank. Throughout a couple of sessions, he used a small weight on his hurt leg.

Water therapy ought to be an enjoyable exercise for dogs. Alvin hated it and whined the whole time he was at the tank.

Typically, the treatment was effective. It broke the hopping habit. Five several weeks publish surgery, he limps from time to time after accumulating stairs or going for a leash walk on hilly streets.
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