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Preventive Measures to Avoid Data Destruction

The internet is a scary place for individual who doesn’t know how to take care of their information.  What’s more if they are large companies with important trade secrets?  Unfortunately, in a fast pace world where we currently live in, access to the internet is vital to gather information, communicate, and do other business activities.  But then again, opening your business network to the internet invites unscrupulous individuals who can wreak havoc to your business. Preventive measures are essential to elude the prying eyes of hackers and deter the viruses.  By these preventive measures, you can avoid computer worm from spreading to your network.  You can even catch employees watching YouTube during work hours. Protection can be done onsite and offsite (remotely). But either way, meticulous monitoring are required to keep your information safe.

IT administrator can create a single point of entry for internet traffic. This would allow easy monitoring of the business network. A single gateway server behind a firewall can snoop on the traffic and check if they are allowed to push through their destination. If a devious data comes knocking in your firewall, it can automatically block it. It will allow the administrators to review the data and find ways for future prevention. But, that is only a protection in the frontline of your network. In today’s network, there are many backdoors for your information to get through your network security. Employees nowadays can work on laptops which can easily be transported in and out of the office, outside the security of the firewall and the security gateway. At home, their home network may not be that secured, and once a work computer is connected, anything can be done to the work computer before they can even fire up their VPN. This endangers your file by allowing virus to enter your office network through this work computer.

Nowadays, personal tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices are allowed to be carried inside the business areas. Virus and Trojans can enter your network once infected devices are connected to the business network. This is also true to thumb drives. Large capacity thumb drive can be easily concealed and slip through security personnel, they may say that computer ports are disabled to prevent this problem but nothing can stop a persistent hacker. Once a port is open, viruses or hacking script can be deployed via this thumb drive. Even discarded old office hard drives can be a source of data breach. You may have deleted important files in a worn-out hard drive. But persistent hackers can recover the data if your data destruction policy are not solid enough. Once they have a hold of your discarded hard drives, a simple program can rearrange the bytes of the drive so it can be read by these hackers.

In the end, security vigilance is the answer to hacker tenacity in ruining your business. Without constant vigilance, there’s always a chance for data destruction. All your hard work will get flushed out the drain id it happens. So, a few more hard work in network security won’t hurt that much.