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Pulse Flow

Portable oxygen concentrators aren’t a little investment, ensuring you choose the best one for your requirements is essential. Because of so many to select from how can you tell which fits your needs. The most crucial feature in travel oxygen concentrators, may be the flow. Oxygen Units like the Respironics Evergo and also the Invacare XPO2 are pulse flow units. Continuous flow units would come with the Sequal Eclipse 3 and also the DeVilbiss IGo.

Pulse versus Continuous Flow

Many patients receive there oxygen in pulse flow also referred to as when needed flow, meaning the oxygen doesn’t continuously flow with the hose. Rather, the oxygen pulsates being released while you have a breathe. The most powerful pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator may be the Respironics Evergo. The Evergo creates as much as 1050 mils of oxygen when compared to XPO2, which only creates 750 mils of oxygen at max. Pulse flow travel oxygen machines have settings usually between 1-6. Settings on the pulse flow oxygen machine will vary than you are on a piece of equipment that flows continuously. When needed delivery can be a different quantity of oxygen on the setting of three with respect to the unit you use.

Most sufferers that needed continuous flow oxygen were unable travel before the Sequal Eclipse came to the market. Up to a week ago, the Sequal Eclipse was the only real continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator which has both a continuing and pulse flow setting. Today, nowadays there are 2 other units that have a similar settings, the Oxlife Independence and also the DeVilbiss Igo. Heavier and bulkier than the majority of its competitors, the continual flow units incorporate a light cart for simple transport. Better off all, due to its ability, with the power and also the continuous way to obtain oxygen-mode, the continual flow oxygen units are great for both travel and residential, making the requirement for massive home oxygen cylinders or concentrators obsolete.

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