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Quantum Medicine

“Quantum medicine” like a pattern in medical training, turned a promising section of medical technology and appeared in 1998. It’s on the basis of the utilization of contemporary accomplishments in medical and science, biochemistry study in medical procedures. Looking for quantum medicine ?

Quantum treatment – just one group of specific healing and analytical steps on the basis of the conversation of low-energy (quantum) prices (serving) of electromagnetic radiation using the information and power houses of your body to displace its homeostasis within the info, power, and somatic levels. This medication isn’t on the basis of chemical compounds released in to the human body’s motion, and also the patient to weak fields’ responses, it returns to balance, also called a “steady condition”.

Quantum products reduced degrees of light power are put on the healing ramifications of laser on existing tissues and areas. Low-power laser light encourages the metabolic activity of cells triggers the procedures of existence and regeneration (restoration). Microcirculation enhances, decreases swelling of cells, encourages the forming of monocytic and neutrophilic buffer towards the formula of bactericidal chemicals to avoid acidosis, hypoxia, anti-inflammatory restorative and effect. After contact with one of the most feature changes in metabolism within the cell are: enhancement of power a rise in-activity of enzymes, the mitochondria: energetic activity of ATP, enhanced glycolysis, reduced amount of the forming of radicals. The growing opposition of the patient to additional negative impacts, so that as a direct result the entire.

Quantum medication slowly includes every area of medication and medication is about the right of the 3rd century.

Within the quantum effects of low-depth physical medicine may be the foundation for conversation circulation of photons with substances and atoms of issue. Quantum of sunshine – may be the minimal power element of the flux of radiation.

Through photosynthesis, the electromagnetic power of the photon is changed into power of chemical bonds of atoms and substances of materials (supplements, proteins, nutrients, etc.) that produces the natural foundation of the quantum treatment.

Medical reports have decided the degrees of the quantum results for various age ranges and also therapeutic amounts of light power. With respect to the intensity of types and the symptoms of illness were chosen various degrees on tissue of laser light effects. Some avoidance, others for that treatment of the next and also illnesses to lessen the full time of treatment.


Effect that is simple and environmental security;
No unwanted effects and preventive potential that is large;
Hospital therapy and chance in your home;
Boost the success of medicines, lowering length and their dose of therapy;
High-mobility of utilizing a number of problems, including area as well as the possibility;
Cost of clinics and quantum devices and hospitals, as well as for use.


Nowadays there’s a sizable selection of low-strength quantum units (cold-laser) treatment. This enables us to fulfill the most beautiful needs of research organizations and physicians of the Ministry of Health. The products vary within the amounts released from the addition of constant or pulsed laser emitters, the laser power, a range of the wavelength of the emission range, placing frequency modulation and the specified strength. Based on the light energy items are labeled based on laser protection. Security will establish the admissibility of the software just in medical practices having a way of personal safety of individuals and personnel or independently in the home.

The difficulty of higher degrees of extended energy emitters, automobiles, and a myriad of nozzles within the pack type a higher selling price of items.

A significant number of the difficulty of the option and also settings need very experienced healthcare companies to perform therapeutic methods. They’re consequently more desirable for hospitals and centers as well as for study, which offer a big increase of individuals with therapy.

The equipment of quantum treatment “cold-laser Vityas” is seen as a reduced handle, minimum adequate therapeutic routines, the secure degree of laser light (Course I), small-size and cost. In the same healing effect made by the device of “Vityas” using the outcomes of the effect of costly and complicated equipment.


The laser energy is consumed areas, by cells, is partly transformed into thermal power. However, heat of cells is significantly less than a tenth of the diploma that may not create a substantial thermal treatment. A field performing just about the metal atoms, that are substances or the body cells in nutrients and meats also wouldn’t need to trigger the healing effect.

However the character of the effect becomes obvious in the quantum level microcosm of electrons and atoms. The theory of laser activity starts within the capability of the nuclear electrons absorb photons of sunshine. The electron energy used in another orbit. The power of the electrons changes, and helps their move to some greater power orbit.

Following the move of an electron in another orbit changes the valence (quantity of contacts) of the atom, that leads to improvements in molecular components. These modifications would be the start of the subsequent biochemical responses within the cell that enhance metabolic functions within the cell membrane, and result in the normalization of its essential exercise.