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Rails Karate, The best choice for learn Ruby On Rails

The Rails Karate mission (SEE) is isnpire and educate entrepreneurs, developers, site builders and designers to innovate, create, undertake and develope their own ideas.

Railskarate.com a young and nonprofit organization committed with provide quality educational material for those who are looking to learn more about web development and Ruby On Rails. We always find websites and companies that also teach us about these concepts but are expensive and almost never are easy to understand.

It really is an option to consider , in my opinion will be placed soon among the best, as it is a very promising group in the sector.

The founder of Rails Karate is Sebastian, he has been in the world of web development some years and he has seen the necesity of more and better quality learning material for learn how to design, develope and deploy different kinds of applications and websites, although there are tons of good alternatives for learn more about web development and other technologies, most of them ask you for money in advanced and is difficult know if is a good idea invest money with them. It is probably for this reason that RailsKarate.com is free.


Rails Karate has a Youtube Channel it is very understandable, interactive and entertaining. They teach you from scratch how to start with Ruby On Rails, and it is the only bilingual youtube channel of the sector, I started with their Ruby Basics course and it is amazing, they not only have their videos per lesson, they also have a blog post of the video with all the code snipets they used and a transcript of the lesson, and that’s not all, in each stage of the course they have Quizzes strategically located so you can practice what you learned in each stage with a Quiz, they have Multiple choice questions, true/false questions and more!! I cannot believe these guys are doing all this for free, you definitely have to try it.

We highly recommend this website 🙂