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Rap Technique

Would you like to understand how to rap? Are you currently a novice trying to place your first rhymes together or are you currently more complex? Fed up with reading through about rap theory and really want some practical exercises?

Many people believe that rap is really a natural talent a mysterious that can’t be trained. This isn’t true. Even though many individuals have a powerful feeling of rhythm and timing yet others are great with words, they are abilities that may be done and developed. Even freestyling could be progressively developed though this really is something which people frequently possess a predisposition to. As with all things in existence, with understanding and exercise you are able to develop and improve. Nobody attempts to discover the piano without understanding and exercise why would rap be different.

Rap could be observed in Jazz, Rock, Folk, and World music in addition to classical urban genres for example Muck, Drum and Base and Stylish Hop. I’ve also targeted this at individuals who already rap, and also the information will hopefully increase understanding and skill.

You will find some basic principles of rap, so prior to using the hyperlinks allow me to break lower the important thing what exactly you need to have the ability to work onto develop good rap technique.

Timing – simply put if you cannot count the beat then you definitely can’t rap. Whenever you learn how to play the background music you learn how to count 1234 along towards the music. Here’s your fundamental skill then one you are able to practice to the track.

Rhyming – the majority of rap involves the opportunity to rhyme words. Even though it is not required and groups for example Public Enemy ‘I don’t rhyme with regard to riddling’ did not use rhyme to some large extent, it’s still answer to the rap sounds.

The opportunity to listen – hearing other emcees, hearing the track, hearing other kinds of music, listening is essential. Probably the most important exercises you should do is to merely be a part of call and response exercises, emulating what emcees do. In the end, you do not start creating music around the violin your day you’ve your firs lesson you imitate beginning served by simple things after which increasingly complex.

Imitation – Another key being active is to merely write lower tunes you hear and discover the raps, rapping together with the rapper. if you’re able to rap other bands lyrics, you are able to rap. The next thing is to create your personal.

Counting The Beat

Counting the beat is important in most types of music and rap isn’t any different. If you cannot count the beat,you cannot remain in time using the music and yet another music artists.

Most tunes which are utilized in Stylish Hop along with other popular types of music are counted in 4 time. Quite simply we count along 1,2,3,4 after which start the cycle again.

Sometimes the background music is counted in 3 time, think about the 123,123, seem from the waltz.

We are able to also rap inside a 123,123, excess of a typical 4 count.

For one particualr 3 count track pay attention to Kanye Spaceship.

A terrific way to begin practicing rap technqiue would be to place a moderate tempo track on and count along into it,1 2 3 4. Many will find this straightforward many will find it too difficult, however with practice you’ll lock in to the rhythm of each and every track you put onto.

Then to increase this, try placing a word on every 4 count, for instance 1,2,3, rap, 1,2,3, title.

After you have carried this out, try placing a word around the four after which considering a rhyming word to take the following four. Observe how lengthy you can preserve the rhyme opting for. This can enhance your capability to count to some track, what you can do to place words to that particular count as well as your ability to rhyme words. Try hearing different genres if the 4 count works, or you think another count is required.

Rhyme Designs

You will find an infnite quantity of rhyme designs but you will find additionally a core couple of which are generally used. But exactly what is a rhyme pattern? It’s just a means of creating your rhymes inside a song.

Probably the most common rhyme designs is known as ‘rhyming around the snare’. Think about the very best as boom bap boom boom bap. The bap seem may be the snare drum. Frequently it’s around the 2 and also the 4.So rhyming around the snare can frequently be regarded as rhyming around the two as well as on the 4.

For instance.

Kick Snare Kick Kick Snare

I’m writing a rhyme

It may sound funky each time.

Using the rhyming words ‘rhyme’ and ‘time’ around the snare or even the four.

Another rap pattern is known as internal rhyme. It really means getting rhymes inside each line instead of simply in the finish of every line.

For instance

Didn’t remember monotony, I most likely produced a monopoly.

Its probably the most popular beat and included with philsophy.

This uses multi syllabic rhymes: rhyming words using more than one syllable. this provides it an intricate and complicated seem.

You will find a number of other rhyme designs and a few tend to be more present with diffferent genres.


Meter is about the placing of syllables in lines to produce different tempos. To know meter you must know word stress and syllables.

Allows begin with syllables.

The term today has two syllables or ‘sounds’. ‘to day’.

The term tomorrow has three syllables or sounds.

What exactly about stress? Word stress is one thing we all do naturally. Whenever we say a thing we push lower on the particular syllable. For instance using the word ‘photo’ we push lower around the ‘pho’ area of the word.

Using the word ‘beserk’. We push lower around the ‘serk’ area of the word. So its beSERK and never BEserk. A different way to consider would be to think that we’re holding that seem longer. The two versions gradually pushing lower on a single seem and so the other.

The term address is interesting. In The Usa they stress the ADD area of the word, ADD ress. In England we stress the ‘ress’ area of the word add RESS.

Meter is when we place words with various kinds of stress alongside one another. You will find four kinds of meter.


It is really an unstressed syllable then a stressed syllable, for instance

i WRECK the MIC and RIP it tough.


The very first seem is stressed and the second reason is unstressed.Take for instance famous poem.

TI ger TI ger BUR ning Vibrant

Within the FOR est From the Evening.

To listen to the main difference between these two kinds of meter try repeating the term

‘eject eject eject’ again and again, Notice the design of this and just how it appears to lift in the finish of every word.

Then repeat the term ‘tiger tiger tiger’. Notice the design of this and just how it appears to decrease in the finish of every word.

These two kinds of meter does apply to tracks to provide them these different feels.


This can be a stressed syllable then two unstressed. The waltz has this feel. Try repeating the language ‘rashers and sausages, rashers and sauages’ and you’ll have this feel.

Anapestic Meter

This is actually the reverse of Dactylic therefore we have two unstressed syllables then a stressed. The rapper APL.D.AP uses this is actually the song ‘like that’ through the Black Eyed Peas (2.30 in)

Meter is definitely an advanced technique then one you begin to feel instead of over analyse but when mastered can provide your rap tempos a varied and fascinating feel.

Phrasing may be the means by which we use breaks inside a rap, stress certain lines, or say things earlier or after expected.


The easiest method to consider phrasing is to hear Jazz solos. When will the saxophone player decide to pause within their solo, which bits will they accelerate for, which bits will they decelerate for.

One method to focus on phrasing would be to have a line from the song and exercise saying certain words earlier or later, stretches certain sounds or placing breaks in various places.

It can help to think about the thought of a tale. Inside a joke we convey a pause prior to the punchline. This can be a selection of phrasing. We constantly phrase throughout conversation, sometimes only to accommodate breathing, at in other cases to produce suspense, convey excitment or keep our listener engaged.


Freestyling is the opportunity to improvise rap lyrics, considering rhymes outrageous of the mind. The very best freestylers build relationships the atmosphere around them, speaking by what someone within the audience may be doing or perhaps an object within the room.

All freestylers have lines they have saved within their heads available at the appropriate interval. These ‘fall back’ lyrics provide them with something to select from when they think about the following factor to state. The greater rhymes you realize, the greater lyrics you’ve saved and able to use.

Among the best exeplars of freestyle rap may be the rapper ‘Supernatural’.

While freestling is a terrific way to impress, the best emcees can’t freestyle and the best freestylers can’t create a decent rap song, so it’s not the be all and finish all.

Freestlying has become also sometimes utilized as a phrase to indicate something rapping a pre written verse on the track they have just heard.

A great way to practice freestyling would be to simply discuss your entire day or perhaps a subject you realize well, along to some track. Then try emphasising whatever particular word you are well on when you are getting towards the four count. This can enable you to get accustomed to enhancing inside a rhythmic way.

Another efficient way of practicing is to begin with a simple word to rhyme for example ‘sea’. Then write a couple of fundamental lines. Learn them rap them and continue to add-on other rhymes from the top your mind.

Wherever you decide to bring your capability to rap can be you, may it be on the rap, rock, folk, or jazz track or if simply to impress your buddies.

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