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Replacing all of your missing teeth, in ONE DAY, with All-On-4

Dental implants themselves are man-made titanium root replacements.   Implants are small titanium fixtures that are inserted into the jawbone and can be used to support a single tooth, or multiple teeth (bridge).   However, when we replace a full set of teeth, often referred to as full arch rehabilitation, we do not need to place an implant for every tooth. More practically, we can strategically position dental implants to maximize time and costs of treatment, without compromising success. Dr. Ace Jovanovski, at Jovan Prosthodontics, has performed many tooth replacements. In fact, he lectures to other dentists on the topic of immediate tooth replacement.


‘ALL-ON-4’ refers to the replacement of ALL teeth, with only FOUR dental implants, which support them. It is a placement strategy where the back implants are tilted 45º to avoid anatomical features such as the sinus. Tilting the posterior implants helps overcome bone deficiencies in the upper jaw and nearly eliminates the need for additional costly bone grafting. Tilting lower implants helps avoid lower jaw nerves that often get in the way of implant placement.

The All On Four concept involves the immediate fitting of the prosthesis (BRIDGE) to the implant fixtures, also known as Immediate Loading process. The process generally happens the same day as the surgery, with the patient leaving the dental office with permanent teeth in as little as one day. The protocol is a highly advanced surgical procedure, having a remarkably high success rate. Be sure to ask your dentist how many procedures he/she has performed prior to starting treatment. Dr. Ace has been practicing in Round Rock, Texas for many years and has restored the most All On Four restorations in Williamson county. Subsequently, we recommend the procedure to be performed by dental specialists, who have received post-graduate specialty training, after completing 4 years of dental school.

But having a well-trained team is not sufficient on its own. To facilitate the immediate replacement of teeth there must also be a facility that can cater to immediate loading with a specially fitted operatory that is equipped for general anaesthetic or IV sedation, as well as an integrated dental implants laboratory. Dr. Ace is the owner of RESOLVE DENTAL LABORATORY, a full service lab that services all of Texas and beyond. Check out one of the best dentist at http://www.jovanpros.com/.