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Review of Bookmark

These days, creating your own website has never been easier; whether you are using it for business or personal use. This is because of the website builders, such as Bookmark.com, are creating interfaces that are very newbie-friendly. In fact, it’s so easy that you can start publishing a page within a day even hours. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.



Why Create A Website?


Some people might ask why would you bother creating your own website, when you can simply put-up a social media page? It’s because:


* Professionalism – social media are mostly for social interactions. Would you rather see a Facebook page of a business, or see a “.com”?


* Design – building your own website allows more choices when it comes to themes and designs.


* Control – since you are piggybacking on a social media page, your control is limited. Unlike, having your website, which gives you full and total control.


* Authority – let’s face it, businesses with a website will simply give-out the vibe of “we are serious about our business”.


This article is not saying that you should ignore your social media platforms. However, social media pages are not a substitute for a company’s website.


The Good News


It used to be that creating your own website require technical knowledge and coding. These days, those skills are not pre-requisites for creating a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing websites. You can even create mobile-ready website with minimal coding knowledge.


Bookmark.com can even help small business make more profits by increasing reach and maximizing monetization options. Also, you don’t need big budgets to create your own website. You can even start creating your own websites with website builders for little as $12 a month and a little bit of your time.


Drag and drop website builder allows you to create aesthetically pleasing website via interfaces, plus allows you to add bells and whistles such as media players, blogs, photo galleries and social-share buttons. Now that you heard about the good news, let’s get to the nitty gritty details.


Web Address And Template – First Things You Need


The first thing that you need is a web address, and you have two options. The first option is to make use of the Bookmark.com’s subdomain feature. Your website’s address will then be like yourwebsite.bookmark.com.


The other option is getting your own domain, like at yourcompany.com. Bookmark has an option for you to purchase your own domain directly so you don’t have to do any additional work to connect the domain to your website.  Or if you decide to go elsewhere than you can point the domain’s nameservers to Bookmark.com. Once you have your address, you will then need to pick a template.


Bookmark.com features a lot of pre-built website templates.  All you have to do is pick one that is a right fit for your business. Whatever the temple you choose, you can be assured that it will be professional looking as the templates themselves are beautifully done in the first place.


You are left with the task of customization – changing the name, putting up photos and choosing the kind of bells and whistles you want for your site.


Mobile Site Design


Most of today’s online traffic comes from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Hence, you will need to adjust accordingly. By this it means that your website must be mobile-ready, or what is known as responsive websites.


How your website looks on a desktop computer or laptop, is not the same on a mobile device. However, a mobile-ready website will still look good even in a mobile device, because it recognizes the device or system and adjusts accordingly; hence, the word “responsive”.


These days, mobile-ready or responsive websites are all the rage. However, in terms of SEO, the search engines indirectly don’t care about if your website is responsive or not. However, your mobile viewers will have a hard time viewing your site, which leads to high “bounce rate”, and high bounce rates can hurt your search engine rankings.


Thankfully, with Bookmark website builder, you don’t have to worry about this aspect. Every template is already mobile-ready or responsive. That’s one less thing to worry about.


Photo Galleries


One of the best things that make a website look great are the photos. Creating your own website means that you will have to get your hands on stock photos, which can be expensive.


With Bookmark.com, you already have access to the site’s stock photo, which are already included in the monthly price. Of course, you can still upload your pictures and stock photos you may have. The interface also allows you to drag-and-drop photos. Also, Bookmark.com has a powerful photo gallery which you can easily integrate into your site.


Social Media And Site Stats


These days, no company can afford to skip on social media marketing. Furthermore, there’s no reason for you not to do so. You can get easy traffic and increase your brand reach at a relatively cheap cost. Thankfully, you can easily integrate social media elements into your website via Bookmark.com


You simply need to drag-and-drop social media elements that you wish to place on your website, whether its Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. But, let’s not forget about site stats.


You can tell a lot about your traffic with site stats. For example, you can tell which page of your website is getting the most traffic, where your traffic is coming from, which link does your visitors exit to and more. A site stat can tremendously help when it comes to developing your site, as the traffic will tell you which part of your site or content you should focus on. Thankfully, you with Bookmark.com’s site stats are full of data to help you in this area.


Moving On


If you think that you are not yet ready to create a site with your own domain, then it’s perfectly okay to use the subdomain feature of Bookmark.com. In time, if you feel that you need to move your site to your own domain, nothing can be easier than Bookmark.com. They have all the needed tools for easy site migration. This is something that not all website builders offer.


If you are truly serious about your business or personal site, then getting your own website is a must. Having your own website allows you to have more control, it gives more authority for your company and you have tons of themes and design to choose from. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of creating your own website because Bookmark.com’s easy interface can help you build a website in no time, with minimum technical knowledge.



Ready to take your small business online? Create a free website with Bookmark today!