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Roofing Damage Repair: Tips For After The Storm

A storm can hit at any time, and there are any number of ways that it can cause damage to your roof. The rain could do it, as could hail, or even debris falling from trees. The wind alone could be strong enough to seriously damage your home. Any time there is extreme weather in San Antonio, like a storm, you should go out afterwards to assess your roof and check for damage. If there are any issues, document them right away. When it comes time for your roofing damage repair, you want to be able to give your certified roofing repair contractors as much information as possible. There are several things that you can do after a storm regarding your roof. Here’s a run down.


How To Tell If Your Roof Has Been Damaged

First, you can check out your attic to see if there are any obvious leaks or even water damage. Water damage may not be noticeable so early after a storm, though. You might see water stains, however. If you see stains show up on the walls inside your house or on your ceiling, then it’s almost certainly a sign that you’re going to need roofing damage repair. You can also check around your house for indications that the roof is damaged. You might find shingles or other pieces of the roof in the grass. You should also look for any visible damage to the roof, like bare spots. There may also be problems at the point that the roof connects to the wall, or by exhaust pipes. If there was hail, then check your siding for damage as well. If you see damage that’s not easily repairable, make sure to contact repair contractors to repair it.


Stay Safe

Do everything you can to stay safe. Do not go up onto your roof to look for or repair any damage, especially right after a storm. If a tree or another object has fallen on your roof or potentially caused damage to your home’s structure, then stay out of your home until a professional has assessed the safety of the building. You may need more than roofing damage repair in that case.


Contact Your Insurance Agent

Get in touch with your insurance agent so that they can determine if filing a claim is appropriate. Provide them with the documentation regarding the damage that you collected while assessing your home. Give them any receipts related to the costs incurred because of the damage. That includes any repairs you’ve done yourself, or even if you have to stay at a hotel during the repair period. Some insurance policies will provide reimbursement for these expenses.


Hire The Right Professionals

You want to find the best certified roofing repair contractors in your area to repair your roof and make sure that it’s again strong enough to withstand the elements. A roof can be very expensive to replace, so make sure that you hire a company that is dependable and comes with good references. Beware of companies that offer special deals like paying for your deductible. That is not a reputable practice and is a tactic used to lure you in. Ask potential contractors lots of questions, and discuss alternatives such as different shingle types. Choose the options that best suit your budget and situation, and your contractor can take care of the rest.


A damaged roof may seem like a daunting issue. However, by doing the right things after a storm, and hiring the right people, your home will be safe and dry in no time.