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San Antonio Employment Services

The challenges of finding employment with the right business in San Antonio can be overwhelming to a person who is already busy with life. Leading Edge Personnel can provide resources to people who need help in this changing business world. They provide solutions to businesses who are seeking the right fit for their business. They also help the unemployed person find the best business for them.


The right person for the job may not necessarily be the right person for all jobs. Each person comes with their own special skill sets and abilities. You may have one person who is great at socializing and closing the deal, while they may not be so great with written communications. On the opposite end, the written communicator may not be good at chatting on the telephone.


In many instances, the right person may not possess all the skill levels you need for your business, but may be willing to spend extra time at study, and be a quick learner. This person may be more beneficial to your business than the one who is fully trained, but a slow learner.


Also applicable to the potential candidate is whether the business is right for them. Unemployed individuals with several years of experience may realize that they need to work at a job that they enjoy, rather than have one that pays the bills.


The process of employment services can be expensive. While the costs of hiring an employment service are reasonable, the majority of the costs lie in your new hire’s wages, your time, and your staff’s time to train them. It may take several weeks to get them up to speed at the new job. If they choose to leave, or you decide that they’re not the right fit for your business, you’ve lost a lot of valuable resources, and ones that must be doubled in your efforts to find their replacement.


An employment agency provides screening services that work both ways. Find the right candidate for the business, and one who will stick around for at least a few years.


Hiring an employment agency, or being an employee who is utilizing the services of an employment agency can make the process smoother for both. An employment agency has years of experience in understanding how businesses work, and how to find the best people for the job. They’ll also handle the initial interviews to find the right candidates for a job. References and credentials will be carefully checked.


Potential candidates will be required to take computer tests to test their competency in different system and program environments. This is particularly important as all businesses expect excellent computer proficiency, yet it can never be assumed that everyone possesses these skills. Other skills may also be tested such as written and oral communication skills.


Leading Edge Personnel is a San Antonio employment service to streamline the process between candidate and business. They handle the intricacies of hiring, leaving you to only decide which candidate is perfect for your business.