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Sell Your Deck Design

Designers always develop great suggestions for do it yourself. Should you designed a unique the perception of decking that you simply think lots of people will enjoy, you might as well sell might earn some cash. There are lots of methods to sell a design idea for any home. All you need to do is discover which one is the best for you against the following.

  1. Offer it for an architect you know

Unless of course you’re a licensed architect, interior designer, or perhaps a builder in the industry of creating decks for houses, it might be difficult to get making money off your design. You have to offer it to a person who professionally designs for houses. A designer would happily bring your design should they have a customer who desires decking integrated into their house. Imagine the length of time and a designer helps you to save when they no more need to design when simply because they bought your design of your stuff.

  1. Market it online

If you do not know any architect or are extremely shy to approach one, you might be able to sell your design online. You may make your personal website without having any yet, or market it on Craigslist. But don’t forget to not show the entire design because someone could copy it without your understanding and it might be hard to determine if that occurs. Offer to personally take the blueprint or 3D rendering towards the potential buyer’s location.

  1. Work with a renovation company

You may also work with a renovation company to you when they require a deck and patio design. This is an excellent idea because decks and patios are popular renovation projects so you’ll don’t have any lack of customers. Make certain to possess several design so the customers may have options. Always make 3D renders of the designs to exhibit to prospects.

Look for a renovation company that’s honest and will not screw you over. Mind lower for their office then sell your projects or offer them the services you provide. There’s no harm in trying.


Before letting anybody visit your design, look at your state’s law on copyright and find out in case your deck design could be protected. In the end, your design is the ip along with a copyright is really a layer of protection to safeguard your design from getting used by others without your permission.

Selling your deck designs might be difficult, however if you simply have determination, you’ll find a designer or perhaps a renovation company that covers your projects so that you can earn money.

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