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SEO Services Australia – Focus on the Metrics that Matter


SEO Services Australia and staying focused on the metrics that count is the name of the game. It may seem like an odd word if you are new to the world of SEO or online marketing, but don’t be afraid, they are surprisingly straight forward and can unlock so much fantastic information that can help you grow your business. Metrics are basically the name given to the collection of data that shows your performance. For instance, your revenue is a metric, and so is the number of Facebook likes – it is any information with your business that you can use to make a conclusion or assessment about your relative success.


When looking at SEO campaigns, you can see that there is a lot of potential for a variety of applications for metrics – from developing an audience and increasing traffic to developing effective brand recognition. However, each of these will be focusing upon different elements of metrics.


For instance, if you want to develop a better relationship with your audience, then the key is to focus on the metrics from social media and newsletter engagement. If, however, your focus is on your return on investment and the bottom line, then your metric focus should be on revenue, repeat customers, substantial purchases, and profits. When faced with hundreds of possible metrics, you need to be able to identify where the relevant information really is and then make sure you can properly interpret what to do with it next. Often digging through this raw data is the hardest part of metrics and it is always a task that an SEO firm will be able to expertly manage.


‘To gain insight for more effective content marketing strategy, focus on 3 metrics: performance, operations and ROI.’

Pawan Deshpande

CEO, Curata





Avoid Vanity Metrics


Sometimes the data that you see can seem interesting and distract you from the important information that will create the insights that you need to succeed. Obsessing about a particular keyword or key phrase in your SEO strategy is a classic example. If you own a sports store that sells Nike cross trainers, don’t spend all of your time and money trying to get ranked at number one in Google for ‘Nike’ or, for that matter, ‘Nike Shoes’. No matter what you do, in some cases you will never be the number one site for these keywords because you are not Nike. Google has special SEO exemptions for brand names in their algorithm. These are commonly referred to as ‘vanity metrics’. Keep in mind at all times that your focus for any business should be:


  • Customers: leads, subscriptions, repeat purchase actions
  • Revenue: Sales, profits, value, customers, large actions sales
  • Conversions: the key areas that drive people to take action, or conversely, what is detracting from this


Outside of these areas, keep an eye out for any sort of metrics that yield information about short-term results, or those that answer any specific questions that you may have. These areas are important because they can help to inform your decision-making process and provide you with short-term feedback and reaffirm the direction you are taking.

If you are looking outside of these three areas, then chances are, your time could be better spent elsewhere.




‘Traditional ROI measures are flawed. Focus on measuring content vs. teams, both quality and quantity, and see ROI as progress, not a destination.’

Robert Rose

Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute




Conversion Testing: Showing You What Actually Works


Conversion testing is a fundamental area for SEO analysis as it indicates the level of traffic you receive versus the number that actually engage with your site. The focus of SEO is to push your site into using the best value strategies, in using a variety of tactics to improve your organic search results, however if you are succeeding here, but not actually converting this interest into sales, then you are ultimately wasting your time.

Conversion testing is a way to understand which elements of your marketing and SEO strategy are actually working for you, and which ones are not. Through conversion testing, information about what sort of areas drew success will be focused upon. For instance, if during one month the release of a product through one avenue led to 10% sales, but through another produced 25%, then the second will be naturally viewed more favourably. This is all part of a systematic marketing approach that is engaged through a professional SEO firm. They can test different approaches with your business to measure the results that come back and then start showing you which paths to take, and which parts to stop investing time and energy into.

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