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SEO Trends that will dominate in 2016

Investors are consistently making huge bets for how SEO will change in 2016. Search engines are changing their focus. Yes, last year content was the main concern, but now it’s shifting towards how to make SEO usable across devices. It’s becoming hard and hard for companies to depend on their online presence for offering their product. To cooperate with that, the following are a few tips that every web agency Milano will need to follow if they want to succeed.


Intention Instead Of Keywords
SEO Searches are not all about exact keywords these days. Getting relevant search results is not about what you type. From interactions with websites, search engines are now able to assess intention and provide results as accordingly. The search will be intuitive, and it saves your time and effort.

Voice Will Compete With SEO Text Search
Voice search remains fresh, but it made its impact on mobile phones as they beat desktop SEO search. The Voice search will become popular as users can get quick answers to their questions.
Major SEO players such as web agency Milano have now added Voice recognition very soon. This will increase the volume of searching the internet, as it will be smooth and fast. This will completely change how we use our phones.


Conversion Rate Optimization
This is something that has been garnering attention for a while. The fact is, most people who remain online doesn’t reflect business conversion for the respective website. The majority of people from mobile remain online without using the website they reached. There is a huge difference between traffic volume and conversion
But, conversion rate optimization will become useful in session data, tracking events and user attention spans. All this while understanding the facts, which leads to high conversion rates, which helps the website to formulate suitable SEO Milano plans.

Interactive Content Will Dominate
SEO Interactive Content is not only limited to a quiz; it integrates all kind of content which is delivered depending on user response. For instance, in the presentation when the user submits a negative opinion