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Smoke Damage Repair: How to Restore Your Home to its Pre-Fire Value

A South Texas fire can be a devastating event that turns your life upside down. From the largest inferno to the smallest kitchen fire, there is always destruction of some kind, and the cleanup can be difficult and complicated. Smoke damage repair takes a lot of work, whether it be cleaning it up yourself or searching for smoke damage restoration companies. One of the biggest problems, aside from the headaches, of having smoke or fire damage, is that your home will lose its value. Buyers won’t want a home with blackened walls in the kitchen or other places. It’s unattractive, for one, but also, even if the damage is superficial, it might raise concerns about the structural integrity of the house. Here’s how you can deal with smoke damage and keep your home’s value intact.


Take Stock of Things

The first thing you need to do is inspect the damaged area to see how much smoke damage there really is. Is it minor and superficial, meaning you can handle it yourself? Or is it more substantial, requiring you to search for smoke damage restoration companies, or even restoration general contractors? One of the things to check is whether something structural could be impacted.


Put Together Your Supplies

If you decide to attempt some of the cleanup and repair yourself, you’ll need to gather everything you need to attack the damage. First off, Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) should be on every smoke damage victim’s list of essentials. It takes care of the tough grime and materials stuck to your walls and ceiling. You’ll also need goggles, a mask, and elbow-length gloves. Along with a large sponge, you should be ready to go.



Using a wet sponge, wipe down the damaged area and get it damp. This will remove anything that’s easily taken care of, and will prepare the spot for what comes next. Then, pour just a tablespoon of the TSP into a gallon of warm water. This is when you need rubber gloves and goggles. This time, be more precise with your cleaning. Stick to a small spot at a time, and scrub away. When finished, always make sure that it dries properly, especially on drywall. Damp drywall is a magnet for mold.



Now that you’ve cleaned away some of the smoke damage, next up is the smoke damage repair. There are certainly repairs you can do without the help of restoration general contractors. For instance, you can repaint a wall with peeling or chipped paint. You can also replace wallpaper that’s been damaged or warped from the heat. You could even replace drywall if need be.


Call in An Expert

If the damage is too serious, however, then you may have to call in the experts to help finish the job. If you’re unsure if a job is too big for you, then it’s best to err on the side of caution and call around to smoke damage restoration companies to assess the damage. If there is any damage that might affect the structure of the home, or is beyond your abilities, then a professional can fix your home up to be as good as new.

Fire damage can absolutely affect the value of your home. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your home-selling dreams. A little elbow grease, and possibly the help of a South Texas professional will have your home back in open house shape in no time.