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Start a Pressure Washing Business

Without having the financial sources to buy pressure washing equipment, you are able to rent a power washer for every job before you make enough money to purchase your own power washer. When first beginning out, I recommend that you want to a paint store that rents pressure washing equipment. Paint store workers are experienced in power washers plus they can provide you with lots of helpful advice associated with cooking techniques correctly.

To book a power washer, do it yourself about $50 for any half day’s use and $90 for any full day. A typical charge for pressure washing a home is between $150-$200 and it will lead you about two hrs to accomplish.

You can easily clean three houses each day after having to pay the price of the rental, you may make $500. Should you choose this for any couple of days, you’ve got the money needed to purchase your own power washer.

A brand new commercial grade power washer with 100 ft of pressure hose, wand, tips, and hose will definitely cost between $1000 – $1500. I suggest purchasing a “surface cleaner” for pressure washing driveways and sidewalks which could save you considerable time. New surface cleaners cost between $700 – $1000.

Pressure washing clients are very lucrative. I buy and operate a pressure washing business in Florida and that i averaged $75 – $100 each hour on every job. There aren’t a lot of companies where one can make this sort of money each hour. At these rates you really can afford to employ some assistance and allow them to do everything so that you can just manage business.

To wash a tile roof having a assistant takes a couple of-3 hrs and my average cost is $385. Once I pay my help and purchase chemicals, my profit is all about $315. Basically clean six roofs each week, then your profit is all about $945 for 18 hrs of labor. Besides cleaning roofs, I additionally pressure wash houses, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and screen enclosures. I provide a whole home special for $495, that takes me 3-4 hrs to wash.

Owning your personal pressure washing business provides you with the chance to possess a very flexible schedule. More often than not you are able to plan a job that matches your schedule. You are able to work part-time, full-time, mornings or afternoons. This is often a perfect side job for those who possess a full-time job with versatility for example, fireman, paramedics, and police officials, to mention a couple of. This is a great business for retirees and university students.

An individual can rapidly learn to operate pressure washing equipment with some coaching you can study steps to make a six-figure earnings with this particular business. I understand companies which are making over $200,000 each year working 5 days per week.

It is a smart proceed to employ a business coach which has pressure washing experience to coach you regarding how to clean all of the different kinds of surfaces on roofs, houses, driveways, and pool decks. Most significantly, a company coach will help you construct your business, assist you with marketing, and educate you using different systems to be able to earn more money and work less.

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