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If you stop work… Can you be more productive


Did you notice how fast the day takes precedence over the good resolutions?

How quickly we find ourselves trapped in his agenda when it was thought to have everything organized?

If you have the feeling of being overwhelmed, if you find that the days are too short, if your to do list is growing faster than you perform the tasks mentioned, so it is imperative that you stop working!

Urgent vs. important


If the company officer, confuse urgently important, if you think that making a break for a few hours will ruin your revenue in the year, you need to stop work immediately!

Note that I do not advise you here to skip company, which it applies when you are low on energy and envy. I suggest you stop working, take the time to consider all the actions that are performed in your business and measure their actual value. Review all inherent in your business tasks from the previous day to marketing, through innovation, production and marketing. Some, such as administrative tasks, do not generate theoretically an added value. And they are the majority of entrepreneurs grunt work, costly time and money, even if you manage to delegate. So every time you hill, stop, consider the task, identify what is so painful to do and invent a new way to treat it faster, efficient and fun.


Failing to thus create added value, you will participate in increasing your competitive advantage in your industry, improving productivity. For non-administrative tasks, ask about their relevance to the business strategy that you have defined. An example: if you sell machine tools, is it necessary to distribute flyers to individuals?


If you have employees, do stop working!


One can imagine that your employees will be more engaged with executive tasks with strategic missions. No matter! Ask them to stop work and ask the same questions as you.


  • Who, and for what are each task?
  • How long do they take?
  • Are they grunt?
  • How to make it easier, faster and effective?


Help them assess their respective added value for your customers and for your business. Allow them to submit their ideas and suggestions and build the fluidity and efficiency of your processes together.




I know that when we are overwhelmed, it is difficult to imagine that we will save time by slowing down. Yet the phrase “We are in a hurry, going slowly” makes sense. How can you consider work effectively only if you are in a hurry, if you forget your main objectives?


And if you stop work in order to be more productive


Remember the time when France imposed the working week to 35 hours. 4 hours less per week were intended to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. In reality, the business leaders of the time did not have a choice but to rethink their entire organization. Impossible for a business with only two employees to recruit a 3rd person for 8 hours a week. The result: France became the country with the highest productivity in the world!


Become more productive



Do not wait for the next regulation imposed for any question.


  • Whenever a task is off
  • As soon as you feel you spend too much time for an average result
  • When you or your staff is overworked
  • Begin then this analysis, which can only be done if you took the time to stop.

You can do this work over water or make-organizing utility pauses occasionally, but in this case, plan them!


By becoming more productive, you will improve the service you provide to your customers, you will improve the profitability of your business, you will be able to invent new levers and you create real competitive advantages.


Albert Palacci is passionate digital marketer who enjoys helping small businesses to grow.