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How to style Slicked Back Hair

One of the latest hair-trends is slicked back haircut upper east side. It can be considered the most simple hairdo, as you can make it at home. Moreover, the main advantage of slicked back hairstyle is that it perfectly fits for daily, business and holiday look. However, this stylish hairdo may not be a good fit for everyone. Find out whether slicked back fits you and how to style it.


Slicked back hair is worn by many Hollywood stars on red carpet. Lately this famous hairstyle even displaced Hollywood curls! Versace, Gucci and Burberry models also demonstrate this elegant hairdo on catwalks.


Who can wear slicked back hair


  • This hairdo helps to open face completely, and therefore it is recommended for girls with oval face type.
  • If you have a high or narrow forehead, you should better to try another hairstyle.
  • Slicked back leaves ears opened. Thus, if you have ears carried forward, it doesn’t fit you.


As for hair length, this hairstyle will look nice at any length. Even combed back short hair looks as hot, as long strands.


What are the best hair styling products for slicked back


When you make slicked back hairstyle at home, the key point is a choice of appropriate styling products. Slicked back is very simple and anyone can cope with it, but to pick up a good styling product may be difficult. It must meet the following criteria:


  • Do not glue strands. Otherwise, the hairdo will look unnaturally.
  • Provide a good fixation. Weather conditions or your movements should not affect the look of your hairstyle.
  • Do not have shining effect. Some hair styling products may create an effect of oily hair. It is better not to use hair gels for the same reason.


After hair is washed, apply a mousse, foam or hair fluid and dry strands. During styling process, use hair wax or spray.


How to style slicked back hair


There are a few variations of slicked back hairstyle, but main feature is combed back hair. All you should do is to comb hair back and show your creativity. It may be bouncy back combing or gorgeous hairstyle fixed with bobby pins. Hairstylists recommend just to leave strands free-falling down without any braids or some other styling. It will provide a natural look.


6 steps to style slicked back haircut upper east side:


  1. Apply some mousse on clean wet hair and dry it with a blow dryer.
  2. Pull out strands with brushing to make them straight and smooth.
  3. After that add volume to the roots. Use a comb to create boost up effect.
  4. Move from forehead to nape. Top strands should be smooth.
  5. Than apply some styling wax on hair from forehead to crown.
  6. Fix with finishing spray.


Well, with our tips you will look impressive and stylish. Feel free to try and experiment!

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