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How To Take Advantage Of Temporary Placement Agencies For Your Seasonal Hiring Needs

If you run a business that makes most of its money during a certain time of year, then you are no doubt familiar with the concept of seasonal workers. Seasonal workers are employees that work for you only for a short period of time, usually during a specific “season”. For example, a resort in San Antonio might hire workers just for the months when school is out. To fill those gaps, companies will have to go through a hiring process for all of the positions it needs to fill, which can take quite  a lot of time. Luckily, temporary placement agencies exist to help with these sorts of problems.


Temporary employment is the perfect way for businesses to fill their staffing needs for a short period instead of hiring someone full time when you only need them temporarily. It’s not efficient to have someone on staff all year round if it’s not necessary. Here’s how to get the best out of temporary placement agencies.


Gap Filling

As mentioned, a temp agency specializes in filling in employment gaps. If you have a temporary employment need, an agency can help fill the gap as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It’s not just seasonal staffing that they can help with. It could be for a long-term leave of absence, a vacation, or any other staffing shortfall that arises, whether it’s planned or unexpected. They can even help with higher-level staff. That means that agencies don’t just provide generally unskilled workers anymore. They can help with sales staff, bookkeepers, and other skilled trades.


Treat Them LIke Any Other Staff

We’re all very busy, so when you hire a temporary staffer, the temptation might be to show them their workspace and let them get to work. However, you’ll get a better outcome if you treat your temporary staffer just like any other new hire. Provide an orientation, and introduce them to the rest of the staff, and provide adequate training as well. Even if they are there for temporary employment, you can still treat them as part of the team, and reap the benefits of better productivity.


Make Sure To Use The Right Agency

It’s always a good idea to make sure you hire the right agency for your business. Check with other businesses in Austin to see about their experiences with temporary placement agencies. Make sure to ask lots of questions to be sure that they understand your needs and the industry in which you operate. Not only should you hire an agency that has a record of reliability and honesty, buy you also want one that’s easy for you to work and correspond with.


Hire Full Time

While the whole point of seasonal hiring is that you don’t want to have staff on payroll for the whole year when you only need them temporarily, you may want to consider hiring a temp full-time. If your seasonal worker excels and fits in well with your company, then it may be to your advantage to find them some work during the off peak months as well to keep them in the fold.


Hiring seasonal workers can keep your business running as efficiently as possible. If you decide to use a temp agency to help with your seasonal staffing needs, then with these tips you can get the most out of the arrangement.