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Technology Brought Customization in Cab Dispatching Software Systems

Technology has made rapid progress in the last century; especially so after the 1960s and taxi industry has benefitted as well. The radio based taxi dispatch system paved way for the more advanced, a better dispatch system which operates via computers. Taxi industry, no doubt, has made historic advancement after the introduction of the modern cab dispatch system and it continues to grow each day with updates in the taxi dispatch system.

Modern day taxi industry cannot be imagined to exist without this great taxi dispatch system which has allowed the taxi industry to function in a much better and improved way. However, a good taxi dispatch system needs to be customizable according the requirements so that each company can adjust the system to match its business needs. A dispatch system, without being customizable, would not be able to make any serious difference to company’s prospects and would end up as a failure. Hence, a dispatch system has to be customizable in order to have maximum impact on the business operations and revenues of taxi firms.

However, some of the most important customizable features a cab dispatch system should have are:

  • Customizable pricing

Customized pricing system is probably the most important aspect of a goo dispatch system. A customizable pricing system allows the cab owners to preset the various surcharges, point of interest fares, and other additional fares in advance. This helps in a better pricing system which not only makes it easy for cab owners but also gives a fair pricing system for customers; earning their trust to some extent. Similarly, the pricing system can be set to offer discounts to a regular customer without altering the usual pricing strategy.

  • Dispatch Rules

A customized dispatch rule allows the owners to set the dispatch rules for a particular time, day, week or even a month in advance. This is truly an advanced feature of the cab dispatch system and gives the owners a privilege of having separate dispatch rules and guidelines for even different operating zones.

  • Driver Rules

It happens that you may not wish to disclose each and every customer detail to your drivers and this has been made possible using the advanced dispatch system. Now, you can easily hide your customers’ mobile numbers using the software provided, which is, again quite easy to use. The Driver Management Dashboard gives the owners a complete control over what information is passed on to the drivers and it’s truly a reliable feature.

  • Reports

Now managing the reports of a cab company has been made easy like never before, thanks to the dispatch system providers such as Infocabs. Cab business owners can view all the reports regarding their business operations, invoices, bills in a very easy to read format which makes managing business a lot easy. The cab system compiles the reports and you can get a even the minutest of details of your taxi company.


Cab dispatch system, no doubt, has helped the taxi industry grow and progress over the last few decades and is one of the finest creations of technology. It not only helps the business owners but has also made it easier for drivers and customers; ensuring that cab travel has never been so comfortable and reliable before.

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