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How To Tell If You Need Roofing Damage Repair

One of the most important parts of our homes is something that we also often take for granted. The roof is your protection from the elements. It’s essentially the entire a reason for having a home at all. As the saying goes, it’s a “roof over our head.” It stands strong against all that the San Antonio climate has to offer: heat, rain, wind, and other stressors that could cause serious damage. That’s why it’s important to monitor your roof to make sure you don’t need roofing damage repair. Here are some things you can check on a regular basis to make sure you catch problems before they get too serious.



Leaks can be tricky to catch, since they don’t always present themselves as large puddles on your floor. By the time they’ reach that stage, you’re already in big trouble. After a rainstorm, check your attic for any insulation that’s gotten wet, or if there’s any mildew. You can also check for rotting wood outside your house where the eaves trough meets the fascia. If you don’t check for these things on a regular basis, you may end up paying a hefty bill to a roofing restoration company for a larger repair job.


Damage to the Flashing

The flashing, as opposed to the shingles, is where most leaks are found. If it’s installed incorrectly, or is weighed down by too much caulk or sealant, then it can be prone to leaking. This is especially likely around the chimney, where the roof and wall meet, around pipes, and around skylights. Keep an eye on those areas to make sure there aren’t any gaps. If there are, fill them immediately with roof cement, and contact a roofing restoration company right away to fix it. This type of damage should not be left for very long.



Roofing Erosion

Shingles are often made up of tiny granules of asphalt that protect the roof. Over time, these particles get beaten up and worn down by whatever the climate throws at them. As they deteriorate or fall off, the roof becomes weaker and less able to properly protect the home. You may notice the granules resting in your gutters, and you’ll start to see large dark spots on shingles that have lost some. This is a roofing damage repair that can be achieved by replacing those shingles with new ones.


Mold and Other Build-up

If a roof isn’t maintained and monitored properly, nasties like fungus, mold, and algae can build up and lead to major roofing damage repair. These things will cause the roof to wear down and rot wood or weaken elements of the roof until it starts to lose its consistency. Make sure to take care of these buildups as soon as possible, or else you risk a call to a roofing restoration company to have your roof replaced.


Physical Damage

There are certain things to look for to find damaged shingles and other roof elements. Curling happens as shingles get worn down and thin out. They can blister as well, which means there is too much moisture being captured on your roof. If they split, then they are simply decaying from age. A split can allow water to get underneath and cause major damage.


Make sure to keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms to catch roof problems before it’s too late.