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Temp agencies in Austin are everywhere. Make sure you choose the right one.

Employees are a key factor in any business. No firm can achieve its goals without quality staff even with a wide potential market and quality products. Every company at some point has the need to fill a short-term position due to annual vacation schedules or even illness of the permanent staff member.

There are also times when a business will become overwhelmed with an influx of work that could be seasonal or has a special project that is temporary and is in need of quality individuals to help them achieve their goals during this period.  Hiring a full time employee is not necessary as once the season has ended or the project is complete there is no work to keep that individual busy.

Employment agencies service businesses in many different positions but the most sought after position by temp agencies in Austin are office and clerical jobs. These positions account for about 40% of all temp jobs.

The temporary staff members that are placed in these positons are expected to perform the required tasks as if they have been working in the company all along.  This means they must be professional, qualified and have the skills required to perform all the necessary duties. Employment agencies are professional staffing solutions that work diligently with employers to   fill positions and keep the workflow moving in their company.

There are many temp agencies in Austin offering all types of staffing services including temporary hire and permanent workforce. However, getting you quality staff goes beyond advertising for the position, interviewing and selecting the best candidate.

What defines good employment agencies?

 The screening process

Screening a candidate for a position includes many different factors.  An interview with the candidate should always be scheduled. During the interview the staffing professional should get a feel for the candidate’s professionalism as well as their people skills. They should review the resume to determine experience and skills of the candidate. Testing of basic office skills, typing, 10-key and data entry may also occur during this process.  This will give the agency a good idea of what the best fit for placement would be for the candidate.






You do not have much time to put the temp worker to the test. After all, work goes on and your business has to keep up.  Thus, you need a risk free guarantee that the selected worker will perform as expected and if they don’t work out you would want a replacement rather quickly. Seek temp agencies in Austin that provide a guarantee so you’re not spending money on an unqualified individual who can’t perform the required tasks.


Employers who are considering temp agencies in Austin should do their homework.  Find out what their processes are to fill a vacant or temp to hire positon.  You want to be sure that your business will continue to run efficiently and effectively with the candidates that will be placed in your company.  You can settle for nothing less than the highest level of service.