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The 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The expecting parents need a lot of things to welcome the angel in their life. They probably have all the most important stuff like a car seat, stroller, etc. already on the registry. It can be little confusing sometimes to find something for somebody who’s expecting.   Fortunately, you still have a lot of choices when it comes to baby shower gifts. There are a lot of creative baby shower gifts that can serve your friends for a long time. Let’s look at some baby shower thank you gifts that are cool and interesting.

The 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. Baby Heartbeat Sound Monitor All parents love to hear the heartbeat of their baby. A baby sound amplifier will allow your friends to do just that. Your friends will be able to hear the heartbeat of the baby whenever they like. You also need to let your friends know that they could not hear the heartbeat during the first three months of pregnancy. The baby sound amplifier can also work as a baby monitor for you.   A baby sound amplifier comes with a conductive gel that the mother needs to apply on her belly. After applying the conductive gel. she just needs to find where is her baby to hear the heartbeat of her baby.
  2. Body Pillow A pregnant woman cannot get proper rest on a normal mattress. She needs a pillow which is specifically designed for the pregnant women. To provide maximum comfort, the body pillow shapes up to support the mother properly while she rests.  Body pillows offer a proper support to her neck, back, belly and hips. Body pillows are easy to wash and it’s important to wash them frequently so that the mother and the baby stay safe from the infection.
  3. Portable Baby Station Diaper bags become stuffed very frequently and no matter how organized you’re, it can be quite difficult to handle. A portable changing station includes everything that you need to make your job easy.  Portable baby stations come with a changing pad, mesh pockets, wipe case, a pocket for phones, etc. It’s a must-have for on-the-go parenting as it can also serve you like a diaper bag or a wallet. Until you gift a portable baby station to the expecting parents, they won’t even know that they need it.
  4. Baby Monitor No parents want to separate from the baby after her birth. Unfortunately, there will be times when you’ll have to separate from the baby. A baby monitor can help you with monitoring the baby when you’re away from her. You can see the baby on a screen even when you’re away from her.  With a baby monitor, you can get a full access to the room where your baby is sleeping. You can do the live tracking with the wireless transmission. It’s a very comforting feeling to watch your baby sleeping even when you’re away.
  5. Maternity Pajamas It’s important for a pregnant woman to wear comfortable clothes while sleeping or walking around. An expecting mother can wear maternity pajamas during her pregnancy as well as the nursing period.   The maternity pajamas are lightweight, airy and very comfortable. They’re designed specifically for the pregnant women while keeping her needs in mind.
  6. Pregnancy Journal No woman forgets her pregnancy period and it’s a special time for every expecting mother. You can reflect all your thoughts in your pregnancy journal so that you can look back again at a later period.  A pregnancy journal will allow her to jot down her wonderful thoughts she has during the memorable months of labor and love. It’s a great baby shower gift idea as she will probably keep it safe with her for life.
  7. Non-Contact Thermometer A non-contact thermometer is probably the only one that the expecting parents will ever need for their baby. The non-contact thermometers can read the body temperature via an ear or forehead. You don’t want to wake your baby up to take her temperature if she is sleeping comfortably. Though the non-contact thermometer does not come into a direct contact with the skin, it is important for the infrared thermometer to be clean. A dirty infrared sensor will give inaccurate readings.
  8. Gentle Nail Trimmer It can be a nightmare to even think about trimming the nails of a newborn. Search for a gentle nail trimmer to gift it to the expecting parents. They are specifically built while keeping the soft fingers of the babies in mind.
  9. White Noise Sound Machine All parents try to make sure that there’s no noise in a baby’s room. However, white noise can actually help them sleep better as it can block the ambient sound. It’s a great gift for the future parents.  You can gift the future parents a white noise sound machine that will help the babies to sleep better.
  10. Belly Mask Kit Baby showers are not just about the babies. The mother needs no less care than a baby does. A lot of mothers get tired and uncomfortable towards the end of their pregnancy. You can gift the new mom a belly mask kit.  It fits over a pregnant belly and contains natural ingredients, to smoothen up the stretch marks of the belly. A belly mask kit will allow the expecting mother to pamper herself.

It is important for you to understand the needs of the expecting parents before you think about buying a baby shower gift for them. Baby shower gifts need to serve some purpose and must serve the parents during the parenthood.  The above list gives you some unique baby shower gift ideas to make the process of choosing a gift less overwhelming. It’s a duty of friends and the loved ones to take care of the needs of the future parents and express your love.   It’s important for you to remember that the love you express and the gifts you give are important elements of their journey. Shower your love to show that your care and get a gift that the parents could use for a long time.

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