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The best Questions To Ask When Buying A Wheelchair?

When choosing, you need to review the usage needs!


Will the self propel our need to be pushed?


Offered are both transport wheelchairs a well as manual wheelchairs.


Wheelchair weight has to be considered?

Some models can weight as little as 15lbs, some as much as 60lbs, motorized models can weigh in a 200lbs. Consider you may need two wheelchairs one for home and out side and another for travel. Even for the best loading a 40lb wheelchair into a truck of a car can be a challenge.


Check the total width.

The most often return for a wheelchair is that it will not fit thru the doorways. Take a few minutes to measure the doorway before making the purchase. The transport style chair may be the best option in the home as the wheels are inside the wheelchair; often the client uses their feet to propel.


Motorized Wheelchair Vs. Mobility Scooter

A number of questions you should ask when selecting electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. Important factors, you’ll want to find out about the speed, the battery life, and the style of footrests. Ask the Questions like how fast will the chair go? How long is the battery life. While a mobility scooter is great outside, its long wheelbase make is very hard to use inside, thus electric wheelchair maneuverability inside make using it in the home setting easy.


Transporting Wheelchairs, Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs

As stated many of the models can be very heavy to transport, it’s very important to consider how to move the wheelchair or scooter when traveling. While some great lightweight models are available; they will not fit every circumstance. You make have to consider a scooter or wheelchair lift.. They mount directly to your vehicle and take the lifting out of equation, with most Harmar scooter lifts; you just drive on and go.

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