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The difference between carpet cleaning and rug cleaning

Spring is the best time to start refreshing your home and put some clean air inside the rooms and living areas.

One of the most dust accumulating items in any home are the carpets, upholstery and curtains. They tend to get all the dust and traffic in the winter and if you want to keeps your family health it’s very recommended to do a thorough deep cleaning for your carpets and upholstery.


Can you clean your carpets yourself?

Sure you can. if you kept vacuuming your carpets every month so they should be in a good condition and a nice vacuum with your domestic vacuum cleaner should be sufficient .

But , if you didn’t clean them over six months you must get a professional carpet cleaning since by now the dust mites are deep inside the carpet’s fibers and a normal domestic carpet vacuum machine won’t do the job .

If you live in New York a Local carpet cleaning company in Westchester has professional heavy duty machines the can perform deep shampoo carpet cleaning that penetrates the fibers inserts carpet cleaning solutions the breaks the dust mites and suck it back to the machines .

If you have kids or babies in the house don’t forget to ask for organic carpet cleaning methods to insure no allergies occur due to the cleaning process. all the above refers to wall to wall carpet cleaning .

What if you need an area rug cleaning?

Cleaning area rugs are a different story and in most cases are not recommended to be cleaned with your vacuum cleaner.

The reason is that each are rug is made from different materials such as wool, silk or cotton and you might well ruin the rug’s fibers if you don’t know how to clean it.

Should you get a professional rug cleaning service?

In the case of area rug cleaning it is a must to call for a professional rug cleaning service such as Sunlight Fine Rug Care in New York since they specialize in oriental area rugs and have the knowledge and expert staff to take care for any area rugs.

These kind of services usually perform a cleaning process that made of vacuuming, putting the rug in a soaking tab to break the hard dust mites , sanitation , hand wash and drying room – something that you never can do yourself at home .

If you really like and care for your rug it’s well worth the investment and its recommended to give it for a professional cleaning every year if you can afford it .