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Thinking of Hiring But Not Sure? A Temp Employment Agency Can Help

Have you been contemplating the thought of hiring a new employee? Maybe your business is growing and you want another pair of hands on deck to help pick up the slack. Or maybe you just want to work fewer hours so you can actually spend time with your family once in a while. Both are valid reasons. So, why haven’t you started the recruitment process yet?


It’s not uncommon for business owners to drag their feet when it comes to hiring new employees. If you resonate with this statement, you’re not alone. Hiring new staff can be a daunting process. The goal of hiring someone is usually to help alleviate current workloads. In reality though it can be somewhat counterproductive because it creates a significant amount of work. It’s not usually an issue if you’re a larger company since you probably have dedicated HR resources, but for smaller businesses this can create real issues.


Luckily there’s a solution. Have you ever considered working with a temp employment agency?


What exactly is a temp?

A temp is a temporary employee that works for a limited time period based on the employers needs.


What is a temp employment agency?

A temp employment agency is a company that matches skilled workers to specific jobs. Businesses will hire such agencies to help find them temporary (or permanent) candidates. Everything associated with the hiring process is managed by the agency.


Why a temp worker?

The beauty of hiring temporary employees is that it provides you with a lot of flexibility. Maybe you only need help during peak season, or maybe you only need coverage when permanent employees take holidays. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you can get help without having to hire a full time employee. That being said, maybe the temp will prove to be invaluable and you’ll want to hire them full time. No problem. A temp employment agency can also provide you with a temp to hire position.


What is a temp to hire position?

A temp to hire position is when an individual is initially hired as a temp for a short period (usually a few months) and at the end of that period they may be eligible for a full time permanent position. This is an ideal scenario for both the business and the individual as it provides them both with a trial opportunity (so to speak). Both parties can determine if a longer working relationship is mutually beneficial without making the commitment right off the hop.


If you keep putting off hiring new staff because the task just feels too overwhelming, then you should strongly consider partnering with an employment agency. They’re experts at what they do and they can take the unpleasant task off your plate. All you have to do is tell them what you’re looking for and they work their magic. Whether you’re looking for a temp or something more permanent, they have the resources to help you find exactly what you need. That means that you can continue doing what you do best while they do what they do best.


If nothing else, you can sleep well knowing that you won’t be the one having to comb through the stack of resumes when they start coming in. That alone is worth hiring an agency to help.