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Tips to Get a Visa for Your Partner to Live in the UK

To make sure you will bring your partner in the UK, you will have to provide him/her with the right type of visa That means your partner must get a spouse visa, which allows dependants who are in a relationship or in a marriage with someone who is a British citizen, or who has an Indefinite Leave to Remain, to move to the United Kingdom. In this case, you will be known as the sponsor.


  1. Find the right type of spouse visa


         Even though the general name is spouse visa, the actual one you need depends on your circumstances. So, find out in which case you belong to because your partner will need this type of visa:


  • ‘Family of a settled person’ visa – if you are British citizen, you’re getting married in the UK and intend to live there with your spouse, you have indefinite leave to remain or, you are naturalised;
  • ‘EEA family permit’ – if you are an EEA national that live in the UK and your partner is not from EEA;
  • ‘Family reunion’ – if you have a humanitarian protection or refugee status;
  • Tier 2 visa – your partner will apply as a dependant of a Tier 2 visa holder.


  1. Choose with who you are going to work


You can find an agency that can help you with the application, hire a visa expert to assist you through the procedures or just work directly with the government. Because getting all the documents for your case is complex, it is highly recommended to use the services of immigration experts, such as WM Immigration. In this way, you will be sure that the chances of getting the approval are high. Simply because there is a team that works for your case and prepares the documents, answers every question you may have and supports you through all the process of getting a spouse visa.



  1. Make sure you are eligible


It’s a serious matter if you want for your partner to come and live with you in the UK. Thus, you both must meet some requirements in order to get the visa. You both must be over 18 years old and have your relationship recognized in the United Kingdom. That means you should be able to prove it with a marriage certificate (if it’s your spouse), or your relationship must be genuine with the proof you lived together for more then two years. If you are engaged, you must prove that you plan to marry within 6 months after the arrival of your partner in the UK. Because your partner comes to the United Kingdom to live with you, you must demonstrate that you have British citizenship, settlement in the UK (Indefinite Leave to Remain), or humanitarian or asylum protection in the United Kingdom. Also, you must intend to live together in an adequate place that you must provide. And, your partner must satisfy the language requirements.



  1. Take care of the Financial Requirements


Bringing your loved one to live together with you in the UK doesn’t come without paying a price. That means you must earn a certain amount of money per year. If you bring just your partner, you will need to earn £18,600. If we are talking about a spouse and a child, you will have to earn £22,400 and, for each additional child that comes, you have to add £2,400. So, be sure you weight the problem wisely and meet these requirements in order to obtain the visa.


If you meet the requirements and choose wisely with whom you will work with, than getting a spouse visa for your partner will be very easy. Just remember to stay calm, because these types of matters require time to be settled, and look forward to the moment you will be together in the United Kingdom, along with your partner.