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Tips on Traveling to Thailand

I’m frequently requested for suggestions about visiting Thailand. Getting spent the greater area of the past 3 years in Thailand, I would be capable of offer top tips.

More particularly, I’m requested about training Kick Boxing in Thailand, as that’s been the catalyst in my travels there, and it has adopted the majority of time.

That stated, I usually make time to travel the nation every time I visit, and also have been fortunate to possess found some incredible places on the way. I’ll share a number of individuals along with you later.

Let us first talk over some basics about visiting Thailand.

Lodging is affordable. Meals are cheap. Transportation around Thailand is affordable. Undoubtedly, your greatest expense will be receiving there… your airfare to Thailand. This is often relatively affordable too, should you choose it right. Clearly, preparing in advance can help reduce your airfare expense, when you are flexible in your travel dates can help too.

Regarding almost everything I write here, cost is going to be directly impacted by the season you want to visit Thailand… including airfare.

Bear in mind, there’s some cooperation. You might reduce your cost, but consequently, end up being rained on daily, or long lasting some pretty hot days. November to Feb is easily the most costly time to go to Thailand. The elements is AMAZING, but expect restaurants, city roads, beaches, etc. to become filled with vacationers, and costs for from lodging to taxi rides to become almost double the amount cost.

Wet months are May to November. Wet days in Thailand are really quite enjoyable. Frequently occasions, it’ll rain storm constantly for half an hour, and become sunny blue skies shortly after that. The roads will ton like rivers, there won’t be a cloud within the skies twenty minutes later. The temperature stays warm, so unless of course you melt when you are getting wet, wet days aren’t so bad.

The new season runs from March to June, also it can get REALLY hot (100 levels ). Designed for training Kick Boxing, because the schools are outdoors, it may be quite difficult. You’ll sweat A Great Deal, and fatigue considerably faster compared to another occasions of the year.

So, I believe the first thing in thinking about a vacation to Thailand, is always to decide what it’s you would like from your trip. Clearly, if you wish to island hop, or party like there’s no tomorrow, come throughout the busy season. But, when i stated, you’ll pay a bit more for everything.

For those travelling strictly for Kick Boxing learning Thailand, any season is equally as good because the next. When I stated, when it is hot, it’s hot, but class sizes are usually smaller sized, and you receive a large amount of attention in the trainers. Throughout the busy season, some gyms could be a real madhouse.

Most places you visit in Thailand British is spoken. Clearly, the farther from metropolitan areas and attractions, the less British is going to be spoken. Most street signs and lots of storefronts have been in British in addition to Thai. (Although most of the storefronts are somewhat comical because they sometimes will butcher their British translations).

It can’t hurt to understand some Thai before visiting Thailand, but it’s a really hard language to get. Should you make sure to finish each sentence using the word ‘Krap’ if you’re male, and ‘Ka’ if you’re female, the person receiving your query knows you’re being friendly.

Krap is pronounced somewhere among ‘Crap’ and ‘Clap’. The ‘R’ and also the ‘L’ and type of melded together. Some areas, it will likely be pronounced ‘Kap’.

  • ‘Sawatdee Krap’ = Hello and goodbye
  • ‘Korp Kuhn Krap’ = Thanks

Clasping both hands inside a prayer position and bowing your mind is another sincere method to address somebody.

Some suggestions around the ‘prayer position’ bow:

  • Placing your fingers at the face = Somebody within the service industry
  • Placing your fingers at the nose = Somebody of equal status
  • Placing your fingers at the brow = a Monk or somebody of high status
  • Placing your fingers above your mind = Restricted to Royalty

**Jutting your face toward Thais (Such as the American ‘What’s up’ motion), is visible as aggressive by Thais. Nod toward be friendly.

Four things you don’t want to complete in Thailand:

  1. Challenge a Thai prepare to help you something spicy. Even though you much like your food spicy… they go to some whole other level.
  2. Tell a Thai massage girl you would like ‘Strong Pressure’. 98 lb women could make you cry just like a young girl if you have didn’t have a Thai massage before.
  3. Inform your Kick Boxing Trainer you need to go full contact.
  4. Play Connect Four having a Barmaid.

Let us discuss individuals three of individuals things now (More about barmaids later)


You won’t ever taste more amazingly fresh and scrumptious fruit and veggies anywhere. Thai meals are very flavorful, and incredibly affordable.

That they like their food spicy, and the other good phrase to keep in mind is ‘Nit Noy’. Which means a bit. If you’re requested how spicy you would like the food, ‘Nit Noy’ is what you want.

The most popular Thai dish is Tom Yam Goong. It is a soup with lemongrass, chilli, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice and fish sauce, straw mushrooms and prawn.

I additionally LOVE Eco-friendly Curry, but it’s hit or miss. Certain areas knock it from the park, yet others, it is only so-so.

I like Thai beer, and they’ve some very good whiskey’s too. ‘Sangsom’ is my personal favorite whiskey, and ‘Singha’ (Pronounced ‘Sing’) is definitely my personal favorite Thai beer (Pronounced ‘Beea’)

Be cautious to not drink plain tap water (Nam), watching where restaurants obtain ice. You will get REALLY sick out of this otherwise.

You will find a festival of some kind virtually any season. Thais like to celebrate existence, and BUDDHA. There are several VERY strange traditions connected with a few of these celebrations. Other medication is amazingly beautiful, and a few which are downright fun.

The strangest celebration I saw would be a parade of folks that had pierced their physiques with swords and hands guns… literally sticking through their skin, with bloodstream dripping in the fresh wounds. Because the parade began lower the road, these people would stop and accept choices of drink and food in the watching people the parade.

The most amazing celebration involved countless people releasing lanterns in to the sky simultaneously.

And also the Most Enjoyable would be a gigantic water fight, where Everybody had squirt guns and water balloons and also the entire town doused one another.

I do not know exactly what the meaning behind these occasions was, however it was certainly an event to take part in.

Apart from these celebrations, you will find night markets everywhere where one can purchase from amazing street food, to drinks, and souvenirs, trinkets, clothes, electronics… virtually anything imaginable, and incredibly low process. If you like bartering, you’ll love these markets. If you wish to taste some REAL Thai food, you may enjoy from squid to fried crickets, roaches, and ants… amongst other things. Wash it lower having a Singha, which is pretty good eating.

If you’re searching for any REAL party, however, you will have to mind with the idea to the town or even the islands.

Every city has it’s party street that’s filled with vacationers experiencing the decadent side of Thailand… and there’s lots of it. From Table Tennis shows, to visit-Go bars, and each other type of bar imaginable, they’ve them. NOTE: You can’t ‘un-see’ a Table Tennis show. Try when i might, this is an image I am unable to scratch from my memory. I suggest you skip it, unless of course that’s your kind of factor.

The Large parties occur on the hawaiian islands, however. Koh Phangan is home from the Full Moon Party. It’s the spot to be if you’re youthful and searching just for fun. It’s a journey to obtain there. You will have to fly to Koh Samui, then have a ferry to Phangan, but it’s well worth the trip. Mainly vacationers from Europe and Australia, the entire Moon Party is probably the greatest and finest parties on the planet. They happen monthly. I’ve been to 3 of these, and they’ve Been loaded with beautiful, fun-loving people!

Used to do see lots of drugs getting used in the Full Moon Party, however i Recommend you steer obvious of this notion. Continue YouTube and check out the circumstances in Thai prisons seem like, and when that does not scare you sufficient to forgo them, you’re a large enough idiot to should land there. Thai police take drugs Seriously, and they’ll lock you up and discard the important thing. They’ve been recognized to make random stops of people from other countries, and take urine samples. If you’re dirty… you’re ready to go! Samsung and Red Bull can get you sufficient anyway.

NOTE: Red Bull is really a product of Thailand. The Red Bull you receive there, won’t even resemble to crap you can get in the usa. It is just like Red Bull on Steroids, also it tastes Much better.

NOTE 2: ALWAYS watch bartenders around the islands. They’ll last dirty ice (Resulting is VIOLENT illnesses), and short yourself on alcohol. Make certain they pour it from NEW bottles. NEVER operate a tab… they’ll screw you within the finish. Payg. Lastly, if your barmaid challenges you to definitely a game title of Connect Four, or other game, for instance… unless of course you intend on buying them drinks… DON’T. They’re GOOD. Great. They may even toss the first game to provide you with confidence, however the stakes will increase, and you’ll finish up having to pay very much. It may be fun, but it may also get fairly costly.

Let us talk transportation for any bit.

You will find buses and trains which get you across Thailand, but I have not been in one. Airfare between metropolitan areas is very inexpensive, and that i often hear the train rides could be pretty uncomfortable.

Ferries between islands are occasionally super crowded. Make sure to decide on a trustworthy company that the hotel referred you to definitely. Visiting the pier may be cheaper, but you might be packed in just like a sardine.

For transportation around town (This is really standard across the nation, except for outlying areas), Tuk Tuks (A wide open, but covered taxi) is the greatest, safest approach to take.

I understand many people will explain about how exactly enjoyable it’s to ride an electric motor scooter, which is. But, here’s my situation AGAINST renting an electric motor scooter Second simply to dog bites, motor scooter crashes take into account more injuries to people from other countries than other things. (Don’t pet stray dogs!!). Furthermore, Thai police are recognized to setup roadblocks and target people from other countries for almost what you could possibly get a bribe from them for, and if you have been consuming… they do not fool around. Should you require it, I understand many people who’ve rented them coupled with time of the lives. I understand others who’ve been swindled by the pack leader they rented them from, saying they damage the bike which was already there, yet others who’ve get scammed by Thai police roadblocks. Rent a bike at the own risk.

Tuk Tuks are super cheap, and can get you where you ought to get securely. You are able to pay a bit more for any private ride, or frequently occasions, people share a Tuk Tuk if you’re headed within the same direction.

In lots of areas, taxis are very well noted for ripping vacationers off. Make sure they switch on their meter it doesn’t matter what the motive force informs you. The choice would be to negotiate a collection cost for any ride before leaving.

In case you really wish to go inexpensively, they’ve motorbike Taxis that you could ride on the rear of… holy smokes, Used to do it once… no more. This option are maniacs on the website motorbikes!

Once you have become where you need to go, listed here are a couple of tips about how to act

Thailand is 93% Buddhist. Most Thais are extremely enthusiastic about Buddhism. Being sincere of the culture is usually a good policy. Buddhist Priests are highly considered and then any disrespect toward one, may find you wishing you had not.

NEVER say anything disrespectful about the royal family, specially the King or Queen. There’s a 120 month prison sentence for doing this, which is serious. This may be a subject best prevented unless of course guess what happens you’re speaking about.

Always remove your footwear before entering an outlet or business, unless of course it’s otherwise published.

Stores won’t sell alcohol on Buddhist holidays.

Tipping is generally unlikely since many restaurants incorporate a service charge, however it sure does make a full day whenever you do. I’ve become a lot of mileage from just giving 20% more about meals that you simply compensated nothing for. Taxi and Tuk Tuk motorists don’t expect tips.

Certainly one of my greatest pet peeves about visiting Thailand is walking a seaside, to see a youthful, beautiful Thai lady walking hands in hands having a Early white-colored dude. People from other countries arrived at Thailand as sex vacationers, and make use of the impoverished women. They are victims i believe, and that i invite you to definitely you can kick these old geezers within the shin in the event you discover their whereabouts.

Should do things in Thailand

  1. Thai Massage.

Thai massage is possibly things i miss most about Thailand. They’re mandatory, particularly if you are training Kick Boxing. To begin with, they are healers- Particularly the older ones. They’ll find injuries you do not even let them know about, and connect them. They look for a place, and start working onto it. The following factor you realize, you’re like new.

Every Thai massage differs, but like Kick Boxing, while each gym differs, you will find fundamental similarities in every.

To become obvious, you will find massage parlors where you can aquire a rub and tug, but that’s not things i am speaking about here. (If that’s that which you seek, you’ll have not a problem finding individuals kind of parlors).

A great Thai massage, however, is healing for your system, mind and also the soul.

  1. Visit the Beach.

Thailand has probably the most breathtaking beaches on the planet. I’d be covering them for several days in the event that were the main focus want to know ,. You will find a lot of to list out. Discover their whereabouts all. They all are using this world, and every one has their very own distinct personality.

  1. Go to a Buddhist Temple

Similar to beaches, each Buddhist temple differs. Do your homework, and discover one in which you’re interested. There are several that you could spend each day hiking to, or riding a bike with the country to get at, but there are many in contributing to every city in Thailand, that you won’t need to go to. They’re themed, in order I stated, perform a little research and you’ll have some pretty awesome stuff.

NOTE: There are plenty attractions in Thailand. Some beautiful places, not to mention the Royal Palace is fairly awesome. I am not just a tour guide, and you will find no short way to obtain them in Thailand… virtually one on every street corner. This really is only since there is indeed a lot of neat stuff to look at… they are the best suited to help you than I.

NOTE #2: Diving is AMAZING from the island of Koh Tao, in addition to a number of other islands in Thailand.

NOTE #3: Koh = Island. If you notice the term ‘Koh’ before the specific place you will, expect a ferry ride inside your not too distant future.

  1. Kick Boxing

There are figured it already, I’m pretty enthusiastic about Thailand. I love it. I fell deeply in love with Thailand since i got bumped out with a Thai after i was 18 years of age, and also have been attracted to Thailand to understand Kick Boxing since.

Let us spend some time speaking about training Kick Boxing in Thailand.

There are many various kinds of Kick Boxing gyms in Thailand. This is a listing of some:

  1. There are several real ‘Ma and Pop’ kind of gyms, which are virtually neighborhood gyms. They are very hard for people from other countries to get involved with. You would need to know somebody associated with someone there, possibly somebody who now lives in your area. Pricier these places to talk any British, and certainly appear fit, or else you will be sorry.
  2. Bigger traditional Thai gyms are everywhere in Thailand. Most of them don’t accept people from other countries. Individuals which do, won’t focus on them, and British isn’t spoken. Fairtex is a great one of the. Unless of course you’re ‘Somebody’, their Bangkok location won’t accept people from other countries, however their Pattaya location will.
  3. American and European gyms in Thailand. Surprisingly, there’s a united states Boxing Academy in Thailand, in addition to Top Team, and many others which were initially resides in the united states along with other parts around the globe. They’ve opened up up shop in Thailand, and rehearse mainly Thai trainers. A number of these places are first class, and also have excellent amenities.
  4. Tourist Gyms al sprinkled throughout Thailand. Thailand has numerous attractions. Most of them have been in remote locations. Many of these places possess a Kick Boxing gym that are experts in stop by customers, having a couple of locals that train there regularly. There’s usually some ‘former stadium champion’ that’s the resident trainer, which will spend an hour or so holding pads for people from other countries. Be ready to get him to demonstrate images of him in the glory days, in addition to any trophies he might have won.
  5. Tiger Kick Boxing. I gave this area it’s own category, because it truly is in it’s own league.

This area is exploding in recognition, with individuals form around the globe coming here to coach. They’ve top-notch trainers, and amazing support, an attractive (And try to growing) facility, and everything you may need. They their very own (Excellent) restaurant, lodging, fitness classes, MMA, BJJ, and Separate courses of instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

They’re very foreigner-friendly. Employees speaks British goodly. I recommend this area.

There are more great Kick Boxing gyms in Thailand. I’ve been to a lot of, but nowhere near these. Here is a connect to a website that does an excellent job of breaking lower a few of the more well-known gyms in Thailand.

Check out this great website for Doi Inthanon tour.