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Tips You Can Use for Your Next Temp to Hire Position

Recruiting talent is not an easy task. Most businesses want top quality candidates but struggle to find them. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. With some effective recruitment strategies, you can be on your way to an all-star team of employees. Whether it be a temp to hire position or a full time permanent position, all you need is a few tricks to get your hiring right. It should go without saying that your best bet is to use professional employment services from a trusted staffing agency, but if you’re not quite ready to go that route here are some tips to help you along in the meantime.


Host a Hiring Event in Your Office

People are more likely to apply for jobs when they know something about the company. If you’re a relatively small company and you aren’t known, candidates may hesitate to apply. Hosting an office event so people can mingle and get to know more about what you do will give you a chance to scope out new talent. This will also provide candidates an opportunity to get an idea of what your company does and to feel out the overall culture. It’s kind of a way for both of you to test the waters.


Create a Referral Program for Current Employees

Try and be creative with your recruitment strategies. If you already have quality employees that work for you, there is a chance that they may know of others looking for an opportunity. This is especially ideal if your staff is happy working for you. Their acquaintances may want to get in on that too. Think about it this way. If your employee has specialized training, then they would have been in a class with others receiving that same training, so the likelihood is good that they know other qualified candidates. Make your employees your brand ambassadors.


Spruce Up Your Employee Page on Your Website

Your website is a way to get yourself, your products and your services out in front of the world. But did you ever consider that it’s a great tool to attract qualified candidates? Use your employee page as a hiring tool. Highlight what it’s like to work at your company. Give people a taste of what your office culture is like. Post pictures of group outings. Display reviews from happy employees sharing their experiences working for you. Create and post videos that highlight certain aspects of the work that is done there. Make it an attractive and inviting place to work.


Don’t Disqualify Past Qualified Candidates

How many times have you told a potential candidate that you’d keep their resume on file? Maybe the last time you did a round of hiring there were a few qualified candidates, but ultimately only one person could get the job. It doesn’t mean those people weren’t qualified. You just didn’t have an extra vacant position for them at the time. Don’t hesitate to revisit old resumes from qualified candidates. Chances are these candidates have gained even more experience since the last time you interviewed them. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.


The San Antonio and Austin markets are very competitive, and finding qualified candidates is never an easy task. The above tips will help you get better at recruiting qualified talent. However, if you’ve never considered using employment services that would still be the number one recommendation. These tips will help you regardless, but the fact is, staffing agencies specialize in recruitment, so they will be able to help you get what you’re looking for, whether it’s a casual, flexible, permanent, or temp to hire position.