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Some Truly Intriguing Facts about Health


There is a growing awareness of the ill-effects of leading an unhealthy life. Everyone takes health seriously these days and is tremendously concerned about achieving good health and well-being. People are always seeking advice from experts and are looking for tips to improve their health. They are constantly trying to incorporate lifestyle changes for a healthier existence. Staying fit and healthy is like a challenge to everyone in the US. They are willing to make lifestyle adjustments just to ensure good health. You may find certain interesting facts about health quite captivating. Unhealthy lifestyle usually manifests itself in weakness, obesity, lack of endurance, poor resistance power, and overall bad health that may lead to some diseases.


Absorbing Health Facts: An Eye-opener


  • According to facts provided by WHO, life expectancy at the time of birth has gone up worldwide since the year 1990.


  • Almost 10 per cent of adult population of the world is suffering from diabetes. In the year 2013, approximately 382 million people had the dreaded diabetes. It is however, forecasted that by 2035 the statistics would go up to 592 million. Though diabetics may continue to live for several years, their death usually occurs due to kidney failure or heart diseases.


  • Over 1/3 of adults and more than 12.5 million children including teens in the US are suffering from obesity. Last three decades have witnessed the fact that obesity cases in children as well as teens, have almost tripled.


  • A soda can is said to contain almost ten teaspoonful of sugar. An American adult on average is said to consume 500 such cans every year. You end up consuming 52 pounds of sugar by drinking soft drinks only.


  • Remember foods that do not usually expire have harmful unnatural preservatives, chemicals and additives that prove to be disastrous to your body.


  • Consumption of Tobacco has led to a reasonably large number of Cancers in the USA. 90 per cent of lung cancer deaths in men are due to tobacco usage whereas tobacco has contributed to 80 percent lung cancer deaths in women.


  • In the USA use of tobacco leads to about 20 per cent of the Chronic Lung Diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis or pneumonia in patients with chronic lung disease.


  • Lasik surgery for eyes has been in vogue since 1990. The most common issue post Lasik Surgery is developing dry eyes. However, no cases of blindness has so far been reported post Lasik Surgery.


  • Migraine is among the top 20 reasons behind disability among adults. 70 per cent of total number of migraine patients is women. If a single parent suffers from migraine there is around 40 per cent likelihood of the child developing migraine issues.


  • Senior citizens in the US account for around 40 per cent of all prescriptions despite the fact that seniors comprise only about 15 per cent of the total US population.


  • Senior citizens were found to be suffering from depression and loneliness and have contributed to relatively higher rate of suicide. In the year 1997, seniors aged 65 and above were responsible for 20 per cent of total number of suicide deaths in the US.


  • Mesothelioma, a type of a lethal cancer, is a silent killer that occurs due to asbestos fiber inhalation and till date there is no cure for it.


Some Funny Health Facts


  • An adult is said to have less number of bones than a baby. A human being starts off with as many as 350 bones but as he grows older, bones fuse together and an adult human being ends up having only 206.
  • Studies and research reveal that by 60 years around 40 per cent of women and roughly 60 per cent of men will have snoring issues. Snores can go up to over 80 decibels and can be really deafening. On average snores reach around 60 decibels.
  • A group of scientists found out that common cold could be cured by simply freezing your big toe.
  • In the year 1977, a child aged 13 years noticed a tooth developing from his left foot.
  • When exposed to some light, 25 per cent to 33 per cent of people sneeze.
  • Women have less blood than men. Women are said to have 0.875 gallons of blood as opposed to 1.5 gallons of blood for men.


Author Bio: Ryan Mathews is a reputed medical practitioner heading a renowned facility for over a decade. He takes immense interest in exploring captivating facts related to his field. He has tremendous knowledge in the field of health and medicine and is now propagating his know-how through his blogs.