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Tulsa Attorneys Answer Oklahoma Legal Questions

For a person thinking about a legal career, the vision of an attorney’s work routine might include a few hours of exciting high-profile courtroom drama between leisurely days on the golf course. In reality, the life of a working attorney is seldom so glamorous.

There are long hours of reading tedious legal documents. There are days spent just running the law business. And the job often involves answering questions from clients who know little about the law.

Some attorneys famously bill as much for an hours work as many people might make in a day, but not every attorney spends all day earning billable hours. Much of an attorney’s work is done for free. And its usually not the glamorous pro bono work we might idealize where a hot-shot lawyer clears the name of a wrongly convicted underdog. Several lawyers in Tulsa, Okla. offer free consultations. They simply answer routine questions, day in and day out. It is a service attorneys nationwide now provide.

Free consultations let potential clients get answers to legal questions and get an idea how an attorney would approach the potential client’s legal problem. In effect, it is a way the public can shop around and find the best Tulsa attorney for their particular circumstance.

Questions Tulsa attorneys answer during free consultations can range from the mundane to the bizarre. A surprising number for people contact attorneys about crimes that happened long ago, and for which the person has already been convicted. Oklahoma provides a way for people to seek pardons and have crimes expunged from their record. People who have completed terms of a sentence under Oklahoma law avail themselves of the pardon and expungment process to clear their names.

Occasionally, crazy questions might come up. People tend to wonder how much they can get away with. Other times, people are in a desperate situation, maybe with a warrant for their arrest. They call a Tulsa criminal defense attorney to find out how they can go about resolving the warrant. Others might be involved in a family law conflict.

Tulsa divorce attorneys do more than divorce – they are usually Oklahoma family law attorneys who work on matters of child custody, child support and adoptions. A typical question for a Tulsa family lawyer might be how Oklahoma calculates child support, whether a person can get alimony or – especially around tax time – whether there is common law marriage in Oklahoma.

When you have a legal question, you don’t always need to fork over a lawyer’s hourly rate to get an answer. Search the Internet for Oklahoma lawyers that give free consultations and you might get a several answers from several Tulsa lawyers without paying one red cent.