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Turn Back the Clock With Microdermabrasion

The word “abrasion” can bring up some less than pleasant thoughts, so why would we think that something called microdermabrasion would be a good thing? The meaning of abrasion is scrape, and that’s not something we’d want to do to our skin, is it? Well, strangely enough, the answer to that question is yes. In fact, microdermabrasion provides a wealth of benefits for your skin health and appearance, and can help you turn back the clock on aging. It can help reduce the appearance of pores, which can prevent acne, and also minimize wrinkles and fine lines. It will leave your skin feeling and looking more vibrant and younger than ever before.


What Is It?

If you’re curious about how it may benefit you, then be sure to ask a cosmetic dermatology specialist to discuss the procedure with you. In the meantime, here is a basic run down for you. It works like exfoliation, but it’s a bit more powerful. It will get rid of not just dirt and impurities, but also remove dead skin cells. As well, it will clear out pores to remove and prevent acne. This will give you more youthful looking skin. It doesn’t have to just be used on the face, either. It can be used on your neck and chest also. The procedure is designed to produce longer lasting results than simple exfoliation, and there are no side effects. “Abrasion” may sound frightening, but there’s no reason to be scared of it.


How Does It Work?

The procedure is most often performed by a licensed cosmetic dermatology specialist in a clean and sterile spa setting. The specialist will use a device that has a sharp tip of diamond or crystals. The tip is very tiny, and is used to essentially “buff” your skin to a more youthful look. Some devices also have a suction feature that will vacuum up dead skin cells and other debris. The procedure is quick and relatively pain-free. There may be some skin sensitivity afterwards, but there is no need for recovery time from work, school, or other activities.



There are some benefits above and beyond the ones we’ve mentioned already. For one, it can help reduce age spots. Getting rid of those spots goes a long way towards turning back the clock. It can also make skin care products even more effective. By cleaning out pores and removing debris, products can better act on your skin. It can even help with making makeup application easier for the same reasons. Causing abrasions on the skin will also encourage the production of collagen, which helps with elasticity and healing of the skin. These are all things that will help your skin look and feel younger.



There is often confusion between microdermabrasion and dermabrasion, but they are different procedures. Dermabrasion goes deeper into the skin and is more invasive. The procedure can take hours, and your skin needs recovery time after being left swollen and sensitive. It’s better for those with more severe skin problems that affect several layers of skin. Microdermabrasion provides many of the same benefits, but does not go as deep and does not involve a recovery time.


We all want to feel younger, and if possible, look younger too. There are many tricks and hacks you can use for this, but microdermabrasion is one of the best ways to turn the clock back on your skin. Ask a cosmetic dermatology specialist in San Antonio if the procedure is right for you.