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Understanding Your Internet Protocol Address (IP Address)

An IP Address is something that an internet user will rarely think about, in fact many people don’t, yet it plays an important role when it comes to browsing. If you are into gaming, have ever had to get tech support or if you have had to connect to your computer remotely, then you will have some understanding of how important having an IP address is.


How Do I Hide My IP and What is an IP Address?

Your IP address is a unique number that identifies your computer and is the way in which websites find and send information to your personal PC, or other web enabled device such as your tablet or smartphone. No two IP addresses are the same, as this will cause conflict; websites will get confused as to where the information should go. IP address gives websites your geographical location and sometimes will filter the content you receive based on that location.


Knowing Your IP Address


Every device that can be somehow connected to the internet has an IP address. When having technical support, you may at times be asked for that address. The IP address makes it possible for computers from completely different networks to find each other (for example, making remote connections). Technically, there are two different types of IP Addresses; public and private. Private IP addresses relates to local area networks while public IPs refers to the ease of communicating across the internet. This is what most computers have in order to connect to the internet. The public IP address is given by your ISP (Internet Service provider).


Changing an IP address


There are a number of reasons why internet users will from time to time change their IP addresses. One of the main reasons is to remove certain bans on their activities. Some of the best VPN providers will allow a certain number of downloads for example, or you can create only a set number of accounts from your own personal IP address. Changing the IP address will open up a new avenue to get more done in terms of more downloads and more usage from some of the websites. IP addresses will also have regional restrictions which can only be removed when the IP address is changed to reflect the location where the service you want to enjoy is allowed. For example, companies such as Netflix and Hulu, has a regional viewing restrictions when it comes to enjoying their services in different parts of the world. Changing the IP address to match the IP address of a country that has no viewing restrictions will remove that regional block. This type of change normally done through a top VPN service provider. (Virtual Private Network)


A number of companies offer services when it comes to IP. Websites such as safteyip.com offers virtual private network services that allows you to have safe browsing options so that users can browse the internet without feeling threatened. You get a technical support team behind you just in case you run into difficulty with your vpn.

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