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Unique Banner Pens for Advertising Your Business


Ball pen is a good gift to advertise company‘s business and new products. Many customers like this small writing instrument, as it is very useful for office working. iBallpen.com is the special sourcing place for that. Low cost and easy logo print are the most attractive advantages of our ball pens for promoting your company.


Banner pen is one of the excellent ball pen products, also named as flag pen or scroll pen. There is a big pull out banner inside of pen barrel. When people are writing, they will pull out the banner, and the advertisement on both sides will show up, very good for trade show as giveaways. What’s more, the banner is also retractable: the device of the pen will automatically pull back the banner inside. Usually the pen barrel is in transparent, so the partial logo of your company will still can be seen from the clear barrel even when it is hidden inside.


Our factory can print two different banner designs on each side (front and back), with full color logo and low set-up charge. If you need to print company logo on clip or barrel, it will only cause small extra charge. So banner pens will be the best advertising items for you to do promotion on your business or products efficiently at low cost.


The main selling markets of our company are USA, UK, Canada and Europe, like France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. However, we also can supply the products to other countries around the world. As one of the biggest manufacturers of banner pens in China, our company has high reputation oversea. We can offer clients safety buying and paying method, as well as fast delivery time by DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS. Generally we can accept small order quantity as low as 500 pieces. For more information, please feel free to visit www.iballpen.com